Thursday, January 2, 2014

To the POMC (poor oppressed middle child() This is for you dearest one...

                                                           So many memories from decades ago....
                                                           Wondrous to see the beginnings of the butterfly you have always been.
                                                   by Mark William Darus

                                     Setting the mind clock back over thirty/forty years ago, allowing the ebb and flow to attempt  its way about me as I crush normal emotion  to the faceplanted pavement. I think of the days we'd spend you and I.

                   Bitterly  Cold days post Christmas,  walking slushy pavement under cloggy footfalls we paced. My  small hand  being guided  by yours  most sercured down the labyrinth of the center of Clevelands  shopping Mecca's.  Strolling past the many homeless, asking f0r change as the smells of rich Fanny Farmers chocolates mixed with Petersons Nuts filled our nostrils as we engulfed the very best Cleveland had t0 give us. The animated windows of the May copany and Higbees displayed in our journey the best of possible lunch encounters.

                        Walking past SS Kresge, my hand in yours, you took me to WoolWorths and the best danged lunches a small could have without a parent in the  1970's.

                          i'd look into your guiding eyes that beamed such loving glows of amazing things you wanted to share with me, perhaps your wishing me to someday give to others as y0u gave so lovingly to me.

                            POMC, never doubt that gift god planted on you.

                         You'd treat me to lunch at Woolworths; on the to this fucking day looking back were the best burgers I ever ate in my life. You'd then walk to areas for me to spend my xmas money on windback tin cars  and French choclates.

                          I so remember these times, POMC. You'd often make sure my scarf covered my young flesh during those, at that time, normal single digit days. Protecting me from frostbite in such gentle fashion as we strolled he well dressed men in sharp wool overcoats and heavy golashes protecting their shoes next to their ladies in furs covering  beautiful dresses that sometimes a high wind would show me shapely legs and pressed stomachs.

                             POMC. You gave to my eldest and attempted to my youngest a Safe Harbor for in their lives as you did for me.
                          Time will tell as they grlow older and become engulfed in their lives.

                               Looki ng at monuments you'd point out as I would look to as that of a tiny frightened boy with grandparents dying and our fathers health doing its bullshit.

                              Y0u, POMC got me thru a huge stage of my life.

                             And where are we now, Dearest Companion of time?

                                   A mere phone call and a gastank away though considerably less in spirit.

                                 I give to you words you wish/need to hear from me though they can not touch a heart like mine.  This does not mean less as I look at you. You are cloxe to me few others are.

                                 Those that truly know me and are not afraid to continue to do so regardless of the curveballs I toss about are rare indeed. I am thankful you are not one of those that dismiss me.

                                  Your transformation is amazing! Dear sister, you are doing great and I believe you will continue to do so. All my strength be yours. 87 pounds lost is a reason for celebration. Yet, Americans like round numbers, so when you hit one hundred down,  PARTY ON!!!

                                    I have lost many on this journey that started almost two years ago. I have found many though, and that keeps me fueled eternally.

                                  I was profoundly grateful to see you.

                                   Perhaps on my blogs 2 year anniversary I could cook for you. The greatest influence of this now a days won't even  return  an xmas wish to her...

                             THANK YOU POMC!!!! T'was great seei ng you again.


              mark William darus
                         ps: Let this bring a smile to you. You intro'd me to these guys...