Thursday, December 26, 2013


                                                 My meager gift to you,  dear readers.
                                                            by Mark William Darus
                                          Where should I begin to thank all the gifts given me in the last twelve months? Granted, it hasn't been  the greatest of years. I do thank my personal god for the gift of muscle memory where it involves my ability to type. Going from an ergonomic keyboard to a Laptop was most tough. Yeah, playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas made me ragged on my HP 2000 lappy.

              Processing this video to you here has proven  a near fucking nightmare here.

               I took these shots at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens event called GLOW. Mostly gingerbread houses and a few other things. Please forgive the audio as I did not have my Sennhisers when I mastered it even though this lappy has Altec speakers, it shows me no bass volume, which I did via meters and such.

               Enough already!

             We're heading for a new year, a e we not?

              Are we, at least most of us, not having greater thoughts and carrying bigger desires for this coming year than what we realized these past 31,536,000 seconds of our lives?

              I know I am and sincerely hope you share the same as you walk, stumble, careen thru your life in your hopes, beliefs a desires for what is true and righteous.

              Learn from weaknesses as you crawl toward your dreams.

                Miracles cam happen.

               Me still being alive is but one of their many touchings on our blue marble.

               Thanks to all of you for the past twelve months. You keep me alive in ways I never knew possible.

          Mark William Darus 12262013