Wednesday, May 29, 2013

As I go elsewhere, seeking more, doing what I do.

                    As I go elsewhere, seeking more, doing what I do.
                                        by Mark William Darus.

Amber: You are with me, always. Every step I go, down every dark pathway, to areas disgusting and beautiful at the same time. You are most high with me.

Fleicia: You and I are learning about one another. This aspect in my life my higher power said I must do. What ever occurs between you and I and what we will learn from one another will either happen or not in its own time. If you are my mirror, you'll either understand this or you won't. Your call. I don't hold 'love' the way 96% of our population have twisted it. With me, Loyalty holds the most. It is not that I hold you less than others in my life, but time and its tests are the descriptions of what we are made of.

I am being pulled. Yanked sideways as my blog grows. As my brainchild goes on and on. Once again, my words are making a difference to some. These are the crying children of a god most share, they are in pain that I think i can make a positive change grow in their lives.


In the last 90 minutes I had a chat with an abused woman in another country. Her and I will try to Skype each other as talking is way easier than typing. She said my words helped her, my blog is making a difference in her life.

I still cannot believe anything I could share might make this happen for anyone. Yet is has nonetheless, and I sift through emails getting larger all the time as I read through them daily.

In all honesty I am not sure what I can give of myself to any one person can ever be normal in nature. I am called by my god: Hurt no one unless you think they may grow from it. >and my god, spiritual father, helped me kill my emotions for me to be this way, for the benefit of others that would enter my life. A disciple in the modern age. < Yeah, some might say it: "sucks to be Mark." I don't think that way. I was made different for a reason. I was leveled out for a reason, at that point in my life and time, and understand myself to begin something and continue it.

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist.


But my god has given me a place of peace and serenity and the grit to do what I believe I can do best. Fear nothing nor no one as I try to find just what makes us human/ hooman. And most importantly: Help others without emotion clouding things and fucking them up. And to do this FREELY! Give my time and thoughts to them without judgement or demeaning actions.

Amber knows this about me, Felicia. She's known me for over a decade. You don't, though. I'd like to face myself in your eyes. You and I can learn a great deal about ourselves by knowing one another. That choice is yours alone.

I am ever changing anymore. I see things differently, photograph them and write about shit as I do.

My writing is Black and White while my photography is colourful/hopeful. Yeah, welcome to my world. lol

Amber, meet Felicia. Felicia, Meet Amber.

I cannot say where my life will take me. Frankly, I don't really want to know. I do as I am told.

I am Mark William Darus, son of Marion and Theodore. I can only be myself and I am grateful I have found this place.

You can be in my world or not.

That choice is always yours alone.


Mark William Darus: 05292013