Friday, July 18, 2014

A Time to Kill. Take Human Life to its Lowest Common Denominator. Just Push the Button. Launched=Death.

A Time to Kill. Take Human Life to its Lowest Common Denominator. Just Push the Button. Launched=Death.
                                                        Mark William Darus.

              I awoke today like so many others.

              My cat, poohyan, waking me most annoyingly as it walks over my legs and chest repeatedly. I refer to poohyan as an it simply because I do not remember what sex it was before being fixed and frontal dewclaw. Sorry about that, I'm a narcissist, yet clearly not perfect.

              I got dressed, left the dwelling, entered my 03 Chev TRailblazer and turned the radio on to AM talk shows. I heard about the downed Aircraft over Ukraine/Russia, a passenger jet, and got a bit agitated.

                A quote sprang  into mind: When you have a lot of Knives and Forks, You Gotta Cut Something. Stephen King.

                 Russian Fed people rise up, hope to take over areas and lands of the Ukraine.This occuring just after the Olympic Games, and the world goes: Huh? WTF? Such timing, so preciously laid for all us to travel down two roads. These roads being, are many in the Ukraine wishing to rejoin Russia for some bastard form of comfort like that of a battered wife would accept from an abusive husband to her willing side after a brief incarceration, or that as the children/descendants of the oppressors resist.

                Let Russia deny their hand in oblivion creation in the deaths of 298 as they will state the launch codes  were not breached, yet  arose from the Gains of the those rebels wishing the Ukraine to be back to Russia.

                 I did like the blurb from some newscaster that said he believed the missile came from Chechnya wishing for the USA, Russia and China to go into a :Sum of All Fears: a movie by Tom Clancy.  The film had a Neo Nazi  group making events that would put Russia and America on a collision course.

                 I am need of sleep. For that I am sorry.

                 This is not a school shooting, some dickhead killer at a 7/11, Postal worker going bonkers.

                 Countless Dutch, Australians, Americans getting dead from a missile hit f0r calculated kill count.

                       Good day/night/eve to you all,
                       I appreciate your reading my words,
                      Mark William Darus              

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