Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day everyone!

                                             Happy May Day everyone!
                                                by Mark William Darus

                 That last entry, (As You See Me Naked), was both a horror and pleasure to write.

            Horror in regards to a woman, though suggesting that men  protect themselves, knowingly committing an act of possible murder when idiot males decline it.

          Pleasure from letting people know quite simply: if you Pay to Play, you might pay more than you think.

           When I write about others experiences, I try to express my words from the vibes I get from them telling it. I've gotten more than a few negative reviews and some that were very nice. Some believe I should have called the police on this woman, to which I told them I couldn't. I'm no journalist, yet, there must be a firm level of confidentiality in what I write.

             I was asked the question several times: "but what if he has a wife or girlfriend and infects them?" I guess that goes to guilt and blame.

        Who is more guilty?

       The infected hooker, the boyfriend or husband that pays them to be a sex surrogate?

         I've received a few emails suggesting I am guilty of not trying to stop her. That I am every bit as guilty as she is. I personally don't believe this. Is that not like blaming every living person in a convenient store heist if the hold up guy kills someone and no one tries to stop them?

             If a person were to write that pulling the trigger on a gun could kill someone, are they held the same as those that chose to hold the gun and fire it?

           Sure, some would counter: "But she is knowingly committing murder and you did nothing!"

               Nothing? I did write and post it. Had I run, panting feverishly to the police, how do you think that would have been received? You know, if for no other reason than to show the apathy of law enforcement, I might just try this someday down the road. Think about that for a moment and tell me how how I am wrong when it comes to confidentiality

                 Yet, and based on my beliefs, I think she was honest when she asked them if they wanted to "strap on." I could, and may toss a twist into this and say something like: "Do auto manufacturers say that buying and driving their products could kill or maim family members?" when I post this line on the blog as an entry review.

              Let me say this: The thoughts, stories and beliefs of those shared on my Psychopathy: Another Life are there for a reason. It is the choice of each of you to choose your meaning to each entry as you read it. Is it wrong or right, black or white, evil or not? Well, that depends on your mindset and place at any point in time.

               I am not afraid to write and post what I do. I will not make excuses for my thoughts, though I may attempt comparisons.

               Why do I think the next set of emails I get will ask the question:

                "So, where do you draw the line, Mark? A spouse killing, tax fraud, school bombing?"

                Thinking forward, sometimes in reverse, I'd say: "What line is that exactly? Is there a box you would place me in, as you hold yourself inside,  for me to think out of? To me, there is no box or line. You take all things as they come, individually and treat them as such."

                Have a great May Day, everyone! Find something in yourself to call your own and run with it!

                And to think when I was a kid growing up that May Day was a time when we should fear the USSR. The day Communism would rear its head and take us over!!! This is what we were taught by parents and schools alike.

              I think individuals want peace and harmony.

              I think  most governments wish the same for their  people, children, except my United States anyway. God knows, from an economic stand point, peace does not trade on well on Wall Street.

             Happy May Day and Beautiful Spring to all this world.

(photo credit to Gretchen Phillips)

             Mark William Darus 05012013