Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PSYCHOPATHY: ANOTHER LIFE. A Personal Awakening.: With you (inside me) song

PSYCHOPATHY: ANOTHER LIFE. A Personal Awakening.: With you (inside me) song:                                                                                                                              With you (i...

With you (inside me) song


                                                                 With you (inside me) a song.
                                                                    by Mark William Darus

I lay awake inside my bed
          Alone though you are in my head,
I think of brief times we've shared so close
           Wondering if you are just a ghost,

Memories of the look in your eye -contented smile upon your face,
          The way your fingers touch me soft -our sweat mixing oh so hot,
                  I felt you climb into my heart -as our bodies moved as one,
                         I hate myself for thinking ,

sometimes delusion attempt emotion against physical realities
          slowly creeping in like a B-movie villian
                    wishing to steal me away from myself,
                          fighting the pain of letting go,
                                  no pain involved
                                 yet mind screams DANGER
                                 as physical pleasure takes hold
                                       torquing my flanks
                                 gentle fingertips caressing me limbs,
                        Taking me inside her deeper.

                         So soon,
                                   Too soon,
                           we moved
                              and took each other in,
                                  My penis into your flesh,
                               Drawing my mind at your gasps...
                        No defenses to hide within myself
                                  as muscled backs arch
                                              in rhythm
                                         dancing movement
                                                mutual orgasm.


                          Melting of individuality
                                  taking you into me
                               as you took me into your body...

                          With you inside me
                  My mind racing thoughts of you,
                   You took away my blues and made things matter,
                           With you inside me (inside me)
                  soft hands rubbing my chest
                         much better than the rest
                        i felt you understood me,

                       Days talking on the phone
                            a sense getting closer to you
                               though I am without a clue
                         for this attraction,

                        With you inside me...

                            I am lost but yet i'm found
                                   my head is spinnin'  round
                                         of bright tomorrows,

                            With you inside me...

                            Wanting you like no other
                              so far away and yet no bother
                                  I find i need you in my life
                                     and if scares me senseless,

                              You've left me

                                and that is all okay,
                     you brought me back to a stage,

                                 of feeling


                                    YOu took to lands forgotten
                                                  making me realize there is more
                                                           Allowing others inside me....

                     Mark William DArus 02192014