Monday, November 26, 2012

Rhino Baby! ===VROOOOOOM======,-,^"

                                               Rhino Baby!
                                         Mark William Darus.

What can you say about such an amazing animal?
Baby Rhino's act more like a cross between kittens and puppies. Probably more like kittens though.
As Rhino's grow and mature, they don't romp around and play, unlike dogs that will continue to do so until the day they die.
I've had a fondness for Rhino's since I purchased a Purple Brunswick Rhino Pro bowling some 19 years ago. It was one of the first Reactive Resin bowling balls made. I got the first generation of this ball. Sadly, the core went bad within the first two months I had it. If you shook this ball, you could feel and hear the core rattle around inside it.
My youngest daughter loved this ball, probably because of the Rhino design on it. She was upset that I needed to exchange it for another one.
Needing to take it back to the Pro-Shop, I told my daughter that sound she heard from  inside  the ball was a Rhino Baby that needed to be born. It could not be birthed out in the world of mere mortals.
Having replaced it with a second-gen Rhino-Pro, something amazing happened: Every birthday and Christmas for over a decade I recieved wooden hand carved Rhino's, glass Rhino's, hand drawn pictures of Rhinos and other kind gifts.

                                                   It is to my youngest Daughter, Becki, I dedicate this amatuer video.
Mark William Darus.
Authors Note: best viewed without enlarging. (damned resolution issues!!!)