Monday, August 19, 2013

H7N9: My Start on this.


                                                        H7N9. Part I
                                                by Mark William Darus

Dr. Chin awoke suddenly from a sound sleep. She felt coldness entomb her as she fought for consciousness. Her place in Hong Kong, a mega story structure.

Her sheets drenched as her pores spewed themselves freely.

Taking inventory, her dark brown eyes opened swiftly, her head bathed in wet black hair rises from a pillow. Looking to her right she sees a movie poster, Vertigo. To it’s left her eyes catch on the painting of a serene field of corn stalks and crisp meadows leading to her hallway.

The hallway going toward her bathroom.

I’m going to puke, shit!

Fuck, hold it back! Hold it b-back.

Her tiny nude form stops about 20 feet from her toilet. Doubling over in pain striking her swiftly like a knifing to the gut, , she vomits on herself as her chin connects below the neck line. Covering her small breasts, stomach and legs with her stomachs rejections, eyes wide in confusion.

She hit’s the floor like a sack of cow manure as she passes out.


Other places. Other things occurring.

“Abby, OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Eddie cries as he releases himself into his wife’s vagina. Abby looks at her man, her eyes locked on his as he goes rigid, smashing final thrust into her, yet pulsating onward. Smiling at him, loving him connected in her, she gasps, “I love you, Eddie. All m’heart, darling!”

Smile turning to distress, Eddie begins to cough. Taking his right hand to cover his mouth, his body falls on Abby clipping her left shoulder with his heavy right with a subdued thud as weight meets flesh stoping quickly.

“Eddie, are you okay?” Abby asks in a voice fulfilled yet wondering.

Eddie’s body lay prone across her. Lifeless.

“Eddie!” she cries…


Scenes from a nights dream…


High Desert Facility: USA, Nevada.


“Contain 6 to 11.” a woman said with a thick, low tone. “Inject 3 point 7 235 to it, please.” An average height blond stands, white lab coat covering sexual features, obscuring them. “Did you inject?”

“Yes, of course we did!” an annoyed drone said to his highness.

“AND?” Dr. Phillips inquired harshly. “I want results! DO YOU HEAR ME? RESULTS!?!”

“Yes, Comrade, we’re w-”

“Don’t you ever say Comrade again or I will have you killed! You understand? What country are we in now?” Her voice as sharp as a straight razor.

“Sorry, Major. We are working for the United States Government. Uh, we’re, how do they say? Bro’s,” Ivor said weakly like a child in a foreign land.

“Yes, Bro’s will work with correspondance in an affirmative.”


“The virus is mutating quickly, Com, errr, Bro!”

“Very nice, have your crew take break for coffee,” her voiced coldy trailed off down echos of bleak endless hallways.

by MWD, 08192013 part I,

Another video. Posted here because facebook won't.

Thanks to the wonderful people of the Cleveland MetroParks system.
Learning video is tough shit. I have so much to gain with each step I take.
And no, I haven't forgotten H7N9...

Are You Serious. Reader Comments.

                                                       Are you serious?
                                                      Reader Comments.
                        The Thoughts of Others that Read Psychopathy: Another Life.

Placed by Mark William Darus unedited by their authors.


                      25,2,2013 Chloe Prostitute entry. This is some of the best journalistic writing I have ever read! I believe you gave people a viewpoint legal in Las Vegas, yet not in Ohio.

07,3,2013 On dead ears entry. Amazing.

Keep up,

Katy Hauser. USA


Hey, Fuckwad! There’s casket with your name on it! Can I walk u there, bitch? You r evull all the way! I want t’read yur abituchuary!


Hey, baby!

Love the shit you share! Tara, Tommy, Colorado to 3 Missing girls. I don’t always agree with you. You make me think in other directions and that’s way better than bullshit reality programming on the History, Discovery and learning channel. I can gather weekly sperm sharers tossing my ass showing thighs in a short skirt.

As you’d write: have them take the head of their penic and enter me.

And then these fuckers would bounce in and out of me and seldom, if ever, either kiss me or touch my nipples.

Thanks, Sir Mark. You touched me with your words.,

Patricia Flemming, India.


My mate,

Let other tossers spank you about! Spread your seed in their faces and make them taste your salt. They’ve brains lost at the Fisher Price level, my mate.

I’ve gone back to education. Psychology, thanks!

Emery Hillingsworth: Nicaragua.


Rhino babies prancing about. So seldom do many of us see this. Dancing pups or kittens. Hey, Mum cast a glance at me! I is running and running!

Merk, my kinder loved this video. Danke.




You think China wants us dead?!?! Really? So fucking what as Fisher Price sent them nonleaded based paint to use their manufacturing companies sold that paint for huge profits and made their Fisher Price products laced with lead paint. Really so sad maybe 10 people in your so precious USA were awake and caught it.

You do realize how strong your country has made China emerge, right?

Marc, I know you do see this. But other folK?

Jeffrey Franklyn: Austria.



I wish to suck you into me. Take your throbbing dick into my mouth as I watch your eyers give up to me. Devouring your seed, holding you as our bodies go limp. Hmmmm, what a great daybreak this would be.

Sveta, Iceland.




You are the Devil! This creation of yours is an abomination profound. You’ve created a land of disgusting free wheeling perversity I scare to think where you will go with in another year if you are not killed or simply slapped down by Gods generous hand!

You’ve made me wish to learn firearms. You are Evil, sir. I will earn a carry permit so if you and I meet.

Wishes to hell to you,

Cynthia, Southern USA.




Who owns the Earths waters (07/20/2013): Nestle. Incredible work on your part! I cannot believe their CEO made a video like this and how could they let this go public. “Water is not a basic human right?”

What a corporate psychopath indeed!

Loved the leading photograph for it. Hands reaching for mere survial.

You’re cold, black of heart and most sincere with your words.

Don’t you ever stop writing. Fuck ‘em all!

Marisa Petrovitch, Las Angeles California.


Ma’am, You’ve gone to alleys no one wants to read about. Dohnt you see this? I worry for you. I pray for you. You push people too far. I like reading you and such.

Jacob, Son of Jerusalem.




I have no idea what makes you run or what fuels you.

You a maniac seeking an Uprising, a Christian and a Jew looking for a home or just a Hybrid Psychopath?

I‘ve read you for over the last year. I saw you get fired from a ten year job, go months without income losing heat and power, and still writing and sharing. You never lost anything with your words, the edge to your thoughts, the hope you convey for all of us to see and grow with.

Getting a job December 2012, a machine shop. So tiny a place for you to work with a mind asvast as yours. I thought you insane for doing this. I believed you sold out.

I was wrong as you punched on with your words after hours of physical labor. Meaningless drudgery of lifting weight, repeated motions. Placing and packing and running a tow motor feeding machinists areas to aide their productivity.

It took me a while to figure this out. You easily learned and took things in as mere muscle memory for your job as you kept your mind free, untaxed, to write after you were done.

I missed your words at a few points. Unlike working for Progressive Insurance where you always had to appoligize for shit you had no control over, and with those ‘sorry’s’ dragging you down and down and down into pits where sincerity is pointless and idiotic. Maybe making those like you more psychopathic for the corporate good? You cannot tell me that repeatedly saying ‘sorry’ to people you did no wrong to didn’t further make you more psychopathic. Did things like this not waste your sense of regret, remorse, guilt?

Your May 22 2013 entry: Loud Screams from Silent America. 3 Girls Missing. I believe to be your best entry. Granted, The Craker Barrel killings was good, and your beginnings about Chardon sublime. I think you created a whole picture for the reader with this entry. You took us for a walk in your life. Yeah, with many of your entries you do this, but this was your first with pictures giving perspective. The light and the dark. Angles of shots. And I being a Catholic hate to say this, how many churches were so close to this evil and no one knew it was going on?

Mark, you may be a psychopath, but I know you do what you do for others. Why else would you post what you do?

I am Catholic, Mark. I pray for you to keep doing as Jesus tells you to do! You have me in your corner. Please never forget this.

Anna Maria, Austin Texas, USA.


H7N9. You think our government is a part of wishing a super mutation? Really? You should be reported to Homeland Security for this belief. Fuck that, I’m reporting you! I’m gonna gain a credit from someplace by this. Do you really think you can speak your mind and not be judge by our nation, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Mitch G. Virginia USA

I am a whore. I am raising two children and doing the best I can. Did I make bad choices for a father that impregnated me? Yes. I was weak and believed them their bullshit. My fault for getting knocked up. I went to temple every week, prayed, realized my guilt, sat humbly and sucked it all in.

Yet I was looked down on. And so did my children. My estranged husband, so high in the Hebrew community here caused them to shun me, make me an outcast, my children and I became lost in biblical faith.

Meck, I met you outside China Town take out by Lorain and West 25. I was crying. I was hurting and wits end a long lost memory to me.

“What can I do to help you, “ you asked. I remember your messed up beard and scraggly hair as you walked smiling toward me.

“what are you?” I asked.

“I am nothing, really.” His voice hit me. Spoken openly and happily.

“My children and I need help, “ I struggled with.

“Well, don’t all his children need help these days?” he said and I understood his meaning. There are so many of us whores with children that do what we can. “Moses was seriously awesome, but so was Jesus. And yeah, a myriad of other beliefs to take your choice from. Organized Religion is so screwed up! Seriously, how much more American could you ask for when it comes to choices?”

Seeing him on my knees, looking up and catching his sihlotette backlit.

“may I ask your name, Please?” he spoke.


“Take this, “ he said.

He left me with a phone number and a shelter list.

I grew from that within hours.

I asked him his name as we parted company and found him later on his blog.

My kids would be totally orphaned and I would be dead if not meeting you on that foggy night on West twentififth.

Mark, how tortured is your soul to walk amongst others so freely nailed by abuse and drug addiction that you are comfortable in this place?

How many dues do you have to pay to gain your place in death, Mark?

How much pain can you take in as you write disgusting aspects of others, as you hide your own pain of pasts you’ve solely clipped the surface of?

You ex-wife, mates of decades, fewest of friends, DID ANY OF THEM REALLY KNOW YOU AT ALL?

Well, did they?

You are not afraid of death. You have embraced it, made it fond company, and thru Christ this makes you fearless as you write and post.

Too bad there are so few like you.,

Tina Summars-Evans. Former USA, currently South Africa. Not going back.



I Would to thank everyone that took to time to send me their thoughts.

I would love to post more, but time does not give me this.


You have your thoughts and beliefs. Hold them in your hearts. Fight til your last dying breath!

Mark William Darus 08202013