Friday, January 25, 2013

Damn, You're Fucked up! Reader comments for the last 6 weeks.

                                    Damn, you’re Fucked Up!
                                     Recent reader comments.
                                    By Mark William Darus.


These are some of the comments that were sent to me from readers in the last month and a half via emails.



Mark, you are beyond fucked up, my friend. The fact you’ve had twelve thousand hits on this piece of shit blog is scary. If you’re not on a ‘Watch List’, you should be…

Jeffie M, Haviland Kansas, USA


Dear Mr. Darus,

I find Psychopathy: Another Life to be a great place for learning and self exploration. Your viewpoint is both fresh and most raw.

Love your photographic work! Since adding pics to your entries, you gave it another dimension to run with.

Some of your entries make me cry while others make me very angry. A few have made me laugh. They all have one grand thing in common: They make me think.

Thank you for what you share and never stop!

Kelly Anne G, Montgomery Alabama, USA.


Nice to know I am not alone, Mark.

I embrace you with heart and soul.

Lillian S, Cuenca, Spain.



The Closing of last year was a great work of inspirational thoughts. It made me cry and cheer simultaneously. I found that rare.

A friend of mine shared it with me and I was lured in. I’m still reading over your whole blog entry by entry since you started it. I am fascinated by it.

You must be most resourceful to survive and maintain going such negative events keeping the type of attitude you write about.

I’d like to meet you someday as you do not think like anyone I know.

Patricia Heather F, Meadville Pennsylvania, USA.



My sister killed herself after knowing a fucking psycho. I hope you die, cocksucker!

Sword of the Creator, ( I assume somewhere in the Bible-Belt, USA.)



On Heroin and Other Clarities.

Good words placed.

So what is the other addiction you had?

Francis P, Stromsburg Nebraska USA.



Mark W. Darus,

Mother Ukraine calls to you! Do you feel us as we read your words? I think you do. Visit here. Stay for the rest of your life.

Uliana, Odessa, Ukraine



I love your work.

Have you ever thought of adding audio to your blog for the benefit of those with fading sight?

I hope you would consider this in the future.

My eyes are failing me further still after spending countless thousands of dollars to prevent this.

Please consider those like me.

David Eric H. Oslo, Norway.

AUTHORS NOTE: I am considering this. I’m trying to figure out how to do so. Thank you for pointing this out to me and fueling me further as my blog approaches it first anniversary.


Fuck Progressive Insurance for firing you!

As you once told a mutual friend, ‘guess it was my turn for the music to stop and be left without a chair.’ No shit, you got that right. I had 14 years there when they fired me over a ‘connection with a caller’ some tin-fuck manager thought inappropriate.

I’m sorry but I think all the good level one managers split long ago and all that is left are nothing more that hatchet men aiding the company bottom line by filling gaps with part timers they don’t have to offer medical benefits to.

I too, was denied Unemployment in Ohio from their views.

Angie, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA.


You thrive on turmoil as you seek beauty in mind and personal sight from photography.

I hate what you write.

I love what you express.

Fuck you, Mr Mark William Darus.

You matter in my life as you give it balance.

I would like to smack your face and gently kiss its redness soon after.

You touched my life in ways I didn’t know possible.

Skye V, Los Angeles, California, USA.


Authors Note:

I have always loved to read the words all have taken to time to share.

I think their feelings behind their words to be sincere in nature.

I hope I never stop getting comments.

Mark William Darus 01252013