Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Introduction: What became of 2015?.. What have you learned and grown from it?

                           What became of 2015?.. What have you learned and grown from it?
                                              words and Christ given thoughts for sharing
                                                     Mark William. Darus,


                        Looking back on 2015....

                        As a new year approaches dawning, what will you remember? What memories will you cherish as others you cast far and away?  Considering all the interactions you've had with so many walking/talking and dare i say thinking humans, how many of the 31,536,000 seconds of a years time will take hold in your heart?

                       Okay, at least as far as I'm concerned, it's a totally loaded question. Sorry, but hey, you know the way i write.

                         As I look back on twenty 15, now listening to a band called Gunship: Tech Noir, (which my daughter Becki gave me a listen from her husbands Razors when I saw her last Wednesday.   Over a year and half  had passed without our  togethernous. So good it was to see her again with my eyes, to feel her embrace so missed over time and life as diversions,  we try so hard to justify and usually  fail  over time. That once bright and shining road of  best intention sometimes sweeps down murky desolate pathways, often causing separation. Becki, my youngest daughter, I am sorry for this. A day never passed without thinking of you. How you were doing and things you saw and felt).

                                    Let's take a quick peek back at 2 zero 1 five:

                     ISIS remains doing its thing across the globe.They so loving killing others for the benefit of doing, forgetting their own rules say they should first try to  convert before killing.  This group of Islamic extremists slayed hundreds/thousands (this depending on your news source, American media tends to dumb this down to lessen impact. Why do you think they'd do this?

                    Being on Fbook and having a blog hitting over eighty countries, i have many friends from countries that often send me news articles from their  countries. Needless to say, whom should we believe: the site wanting us to be more updated with newer and better apps or the one that simply tells us as THEY saw it?

                   France took several hits this year as ISIS raged on, as did many other countries that did not hit the mainstream  news with lives being lost like a childs tears in the rain.  I prayed as I heard about  each of their events. I prayed recklessly as i think a good christian should do: YOU PRAY LIKE YOUR HEART IS A SHOTGUN OF THE LIVING  LORD! I spewed, chucked, heaved my meager souls wishes to all involved, blasted my hopes and prayers for them to find the  peace  of christ, and if not with HIM, than with something that also breeds a sense of Hope and Love toward others instead of some disgusting ever-igniting fuel for vengeance and body-count-payback bitch hunkering over their weaker shoulder.

                  I prayed aloud as I do more often than not. Oddly, as two zero 1 five played out in my life, that became harder to do in the general course of a day in my life, In time, we;ll get to that.

                Damn! Sorry I forgot about the myriad of shooters hitting American Soil wasting lives in spree, serial, passion, and homicidal urges, mass killings . USA SHOOTINGS 2015 , Maybe some of  these events hit your radar via radio, TV or internet, perhaps catching your heartstrings for a  slender fragment of your day.    I hope you took a time and a word in prayer., or not. It's okay.

                  It really is okay.   Learning is a life long event for those who find an open mind and heart within themselves. Easier learning   for those tossing pride to the curb as well as materialism, leaving 'The Comfort Zone" and seeking a deeper, more spiritual life/light to guide them,  I'm not saying you have to hit Rock Bottom  to find this state, but I'm told it helps.

                 A few years back, in an email (nearly 12 pages long)I sent my eldest sister Holly, I told her that for those like me, there is no such thing as Rock Bottom. I told her we'd   neither acknowledge  nor allow such event to  become or define us and we'd merely continue about and trundle onward for whatever reason propelled us.

                 In that email sent to Holly, which she said was the most lucid thing I had ever written, coming from a Grad of CWRU with a degree in Journalism, created in early 2012,  came as a result of bipolar meds taking hold, granting me a focus to write once again. I thanked my savior, he had given me a chance to express myself clearly. It was from that email to my sister Holly I created my Psychopathy blog on a dismal Saturday at Progressive Insurance. I had thought: hmmm, if she thought that email was good, maybe others might like or learn from what I have to share...

                Granted, I am   a textbook example of an asshole. Seriously, ask anyone that truly knows me and they'll tell you that about me.  One  that  believes in hope, positive thoughts and enduring personal elements all should have to find a better day for others to share.  Well, I have no issue being called an asshole, dickhead, Conservative Republican fuckwad, Suppository of Democrat Party Agenda  or anything else  for that matter, so long as I do/say what i believe in my walk with Jesus and his Dad.  God and his Kid give me strength, an ability to persevere, stand tall, hold true and keep an open mind toward and a heartfelt  respect for others.

                 Doesn't your Higher Power grant you the same if you're strong enough to embrace it?

                 Be True to yourself....










                     How many of us have been here?