Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rest Period.

                                              Rest Period.
                            Well, from the Internet anyway.
                                    By Mark William Darus.

        Looks like I am going to lose my internet service for a a few weeks.

         Having just recently reentered the work world I have many bills to get caught up on.

         Know this, dear reader: I will continue to write about life stuff as it gets caught in my mind-filter compelling me to say something. I will also continue with my photography.

         I plan on doing a ton of reading, mainly Dr, Robert Hare’s Without Conscience as well as several other psychology books I’ve wanted to devour.

         So take good care of yourselves and one another, Hasta que nos encontremos otra vez,
直到我们再是。, Sakemm ahna napprovaw huma., jusqu'à ce que nous nous rencontrions de nouveau, bis wir uns wieder treffen, До ми збираємось знов, Do czasu kiedy ponownie spotka, Tills vi möts igen, Til vi møtes igjen, Než se znovu sejdeme, Until we meet again.

Peace and other insanities,

Mark William Darus 01122013