Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coffee: by Mark S. Kourge

                                            By Mark S. Kourge.

            She stood before with a 10 inch Butchers knife and can Dairy Whip. Carrying an evil smile, slowly exposing her teeth as her ruby lips curled higher. Dressed in black latex and Kiss-like tall boots.
           She kicked me in the chest to further waken me. Hurting me, my eyes shot full open.
         “Which would you prefer? The knife or the whip cream?” Head cocking sideways, short blond spiked hair backlit as the eastern sun splashed through my bedroom window.
         Groaning slightly, “I cannot decide without coffee. I need coffee.”
         “oh, no, darling. You decide now!”
         Brain barely showing signs of thinking, I muttered, “whip cream then.”
        Unleashing the can, spraying me, not to mention my bed sheets, smiling greater still.
        “good choice, I’ll save some for later.

        She liked games like this. She was most sick and messed up in mind processes.
        She’d been abused at a very young age that never left her mind for periods greater than a few days at a clip. Not only growing up with abusive father, she had a seriously perverted aunt.

         Leaving my bed, whip cream dripping down my chest and face, I walked toward my kitchen. Shaking my head, wondering how long I would let myself deal with this, I put on a pot of coffee.
        Following me, as if on remote control, she hesitated briefly at the entrance to the kitchen.
       Sitting on the stool by the island, looking at her. Light beginning to grow full as it filtered through my windows, bracing myself for what I knew would happen next.
       Looking at her feet, shuffling slowly, pouting.
       “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” she screamed, tossing the blade behind her putting yet another cut in my hardwood floor. Pulling off her latex suit, giving me full view of her amazing body, raw.
      Throwing herself at me, connecting firmly, knocking me off the stool, her arms clasped tightly, we hit the floor.
      Her lips pressed against mine, her breath giving tells of Eclipse Spearmint gum, covering my face with wet kisses.
       “you love me, don’t you?. Tell me you do. Please, PLEASE tell me so.” Panting, her body clamoring over me like a rock climber desperately reaching for Earth as they begin to fall. Her left hand finally grabbing at my groin.
      “of course I do. Don’t you know this by now?”
      “I so much like the taste of whip cream on a man! Tastes so much better than blood, don’t you think?” Her voice sounding more happy, less needy. Her body, her hands, moving less like a lunatic and more like a passionate lover.
      “Oh yeah. You know the only time I like to taste blood.” Kissing her slowly, eyes fixed on hers, my arms reaching around to hold her close.
      BINNNNNNNNGGGG! The Jonson-Freed coffee sounded, letting us know it was done brewing. Truly, this is the best coffee maker to ever hit the YBAOT Channel. The YBAOT standing for some obscure products company based in Canada. I thing the YBAOT stood for: You’d Buy Anything On Television. Even with contempt in my heart, it did make a great cup of joe.
      Standing, her panting, gasping, new wetness coursing down her great thighs. Fully erect, she extends me hand. “Let me help you up, my wonderful husband.”
       Up and having yet another bruise to add with the many others on me, looking at her beaming face.
      “I need a smoke, Izzy, “ I said. “you got any?”
       She turns and walks to the cupboard above the sink. Taking them with shaky hand, turning, she hands the Players with a Bic.
        Lighting, taking a huge inhale as I add the sugar to my coffee…
       Like a skipping record, I know what comes next.
       Shooting my cup of coffee with Dairy Whip, gleefully saying, “here’s your cream, honey.” Stepping back slowly, her glorious body causing me to have fullness of throbbing member.
       “Thank you, darling. You are so thoughtful.” I take a sip of my coffee. Tasting perfect, I gaze back at her with fond heart and sore bones.
       “Do you think I need help, my husband?” Showing a face of sincere concern she questions.
       Izzy is not my wife, but that’s okay. She thinks she is.
      “No, you’re fine. I love you just the way you are.”

       Author: Mark S. Kourge.

Toys: By Ryn Cricket

                                      by Ryn Cricket.

             Halfway home from work, I looked at the clock in my car. It screamed “4:45!” I was never going to make in time. Was he going to be pissed? Maybe he wouldn’t even wait. Fuck! I tried to get out of the office faster, but all these new employees decided that was the time to bombard me with questions.
            “I really have to go!” I finally told them. “I have an important appointment.” To which they all apologized as I literally ran out the door. Of course I wasn’t going to tell them it was an appointment with “Jack.” But then I never divulged my social life outside at work. That only caused problems. You tell them one bad thing, and it’s the only thing people remember, and then dwell on. Anyway, Jack was different. He held on to his own mysteries and only divulged small pieces of them like little pieces of chocolate that I was always honored to receive.
              He was a writer. So amazing with words. And even though I’m well-read, and well-educated, Jack would often use words I would have to look up when he wasn’t looking. He always picked the most precise words. I loved waking up to his little gift of words to start my morning, and talking to all hours of the night. Even on a work night, I didn’t want to stop or tell him I should sleep.
            My job was so full of pressure, and asserting myself at home was just tiring. There was no reason to exude confidence, when I could just let the power be usurped. It felt good to not have all that responsibility and just relax into a complete lack of power struggle. I certainly couldn’t do that with someone I didn’t trust. But he loves me. He shows me all the time. I could feel a smile coming over my face just thinking about his words, telling me how beautiful and perfect I am, telling me how much he loved and desired me. Maybe he had told other women that in the past, but he told me I was the one who was everything he had been waiting for.
           I am not going to make it! DAMN! I really will be the one he is waiting for if I don’t get home in time. I hate letting anyone down. And I will be so disappointed if he’s not there. Nights without him seem so dark and quiet. I wonder around looking for something to occupy me and sleep early waiting for the next day that he will enter.
          He sent me all this obscure music that I fell in love with, I don’t know if because I felt it was such a beautiful gift or if it was because I actually really like it. I made a CD collection and put it on my iPod, just so that it would provide me the soundtrack of my days.
          Finally! Pulled into the driveway, a little faster than anyone really should, left my bag –I’ll get it later. Ran in the house, went to the bathroom so I wouldn’t have to pee when I was with him, checked my hair and face, ran a brush through my hair, put on some lipstick. Ok, just the way he likes me. Went back into the living room, opened my laptop.
          “There you are, Alyssa!” he said.
          “I know. I was late. Work was crazy!” I began to apologize.
          “It’s alright. You’re here now.” He smiled.
           “Yeah but I hate missing any minute with you!” I said. He smiled at me again.
           Then he laughed. “We have our whole future together. What’s a few little minutes?”
          “That’s true.” I smiled and laughed back.
          “I know what you need, you understand my needs. We have quite a future, don’t we?” He said. “You’re blushing!” He caught me.
          “When can we actually meet?” I asked him. “I want to feel you so bad!”
          “Hold on a second, please…Ok, I’m back. A train ticket from me to you is just $69. I can be there anytime you purchase one. I see an interesting irony in that number.” He laughed.
          As we continued talking, I secretly worked on booking the seat.
          “You know, I could wait all day to talk to someone who is intelligent, beautiful and knows herself the way you do.” He said. I blushed again. I tried to look normal on the cam, so he couldn’t see what I was doing, or how happy I was about it.
         “I think, my lovely dear, you have charmed me into loving you!” I blushed again. I had the two screens open at the same time. I even got out my credit card, without him seeing.
         “It’s done. I bought it. You’ll be here Thursday at 8:30 pm. You’ll be here! WOW! In just a few days. That’s….78 hours, and 42 minutes! WOW! I’m so excited!”
          “You never cease to surprise me!” He laugh again, at what I thought was my over zealousness, but really, it was because he had had this exact conversation before. This was the eighth time he was able to convince someone to send for him this summer. Not only would he get laid, he’d win that $500 bet with Mark. Hell, maybe he’d even get to see that movie everyone’s been talking about.

Author: Ryn Cricket 2010