Monday, August 26, 2013

Proteins and Drugs. Why not?

                                 Excessive amounts of Proteins.
                                         Drugs legal and not.
                                                   A journey.

                              How this affects the minds travels.


                                                 GO ASK ALICE.
                                         by Mark William Darus



I was in my late twenties when I saw my father get wasted as a result of a protein imbalance as his liver was failing and he was dying as a result of this.

I witnessed my father over my lifetime then sucking in maybe 20 beers before my eyes.

From what my sisters say, Mom was the drunk and not dad. She, knocking down bottles of booze each and every day to offset the national debt.

Dad, got a bad transfusion that gave him hepatitis, which totally fucks the liver and makes it vulnerable to all. He died eventually, and it took much longer than moms 3 month death sentence within a tiny range of my second daughters birth.


My father and his Dr taught me an area of thinking. Excessive intact of proteins will get you high. Funny, steak, peanut butter in a pound or better for most is enough to make them high.


Peanut skins when smoked after eating the nuts will also get you out there. You have to eat one pound of nuts before smoking. Imagine you butt tract your next day. Yeah, this is a one time only for you.

I witnessed my father taking rides on Prince Valium time and time again. Legally so.

My sisters said mom was a drunk.

Apparently while dad rode the Valium Stallion.

Not relevant in the here and now.

Not to me at any rate.


I did heroin twice to attempt to feel something.

Anything at all human emotional.

I experienced two massive monumental body orgasms. Nothing like I had ever felt with any woman I had ever penetrated achieving same with them. This failed when I defecated in my shorts and me realizing this the next day waking with shorts filled with my shit pressed and smelly against me. Twice was enough for that one! I can't believe people get hooked on Heroin...


Apparently, by the 60 yr old males I work with there is plethora for me to experience. At lunch one night they tossed drug names I'd never heard of. This surprised me.

As far as LSD, I’m waiting to my retirement to drop this.



If I drop acid then the worst case scenario would be people looking at this as ALZ.



Take your drugs wisely and know why you are trying them.

I will take VicaMints within the next two weeks. Why? I have no clear answer except Demerols one time was a bad trip, 2 decades ago. Seriously so. The hang-over effect from Demerol's  was KILLER! I thought my brain was getting split in two. After doing some research, years later, I realized why: I was given a dose, via someone close. They had a few from their mother who weighed in at 300 lbs. I, at that time, weighed in at about 139 lbs.

Be careful...

Mark William Darus 08262013