Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blackmail: International Internet Psychopaths.

                             Forgetting your instincts yet again.
                                         By Mark William Darus.

Hasn’t the internet made connecting with one another a few simple keystrokes away in virtual real time versus the old time newspaper personals with voice ads, and the cumbersome ways of simply saying ‘hello’ to a stranger to me them?

Haven’t we grown amazingly great in areas of connections with others?

Nowadays we can even do this a half planet away with our cell phones. A few told me ten years ago we’d be doing this, and I’d thought them off their rocker.

I wish I had believed them. Had I, I have little doubt I’d be rich from the stock market by now as it technology exploded toward a communication age a mere ten to fifteen years. At that point, Pagers lost their foothold to birth of cell phones.

These days, friends sit in restaurants together, yet not totally so as they all clutch smart phones in hands and blindly text others not in personal audience instead of appreciating a moment together physically with others within inches of them. I see this a great deal and am approaching a point I wish to verbally cut them in half with my tongue.

How far have we gone when reaching others?

Have we gone to areas reaching intimacy without face to face encounters?

How far has our trust in technology caused us to disregard our instincts?

How vulnerable are you as you give yourself to others so ignorantly?

Did you ever think you’d be blackmailed by trusted internet gathered others as you shared yourself with them?


Did they suck you into their trusting vortex to make you go naked with them online? Masturbation to climax, filming your gasps, desires and moans for more as they fueled this on with such things said as: “Oh baby! Squeeze your nipples, suck your tit, dig deeper into your cunt! You know I love you, baby!! <And that should be the catch-phrase: you know I love you, baby. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! YOU HAVE NEVER MET THEM FIRST HAND! Why should you trust them?

Apparently many do and fall victim to Western Union blackmail scams.

Granted these scams are based in the USA, as the men and women more at prey in other countries fall ‘innocent victims’ than those here in the USA with our own. Citizens of the USA are far more cynical yet oddly just as vulnerable and let allow themselves to be devoured in other ways.

Human desires without logic are based solely on emotion. Emotion makes for bad decisions.

How does this occur?

Look at your life and what you want to make happen in it.

Rule one: and I did state this over a year ago here: Predators will find you and your weaknesses and you should only trust as it is deserved and observed over time: weeks/months/years. Sorry to say this: Most emotional humans are weak and will dive toward any stranger when wanting a gap to fill in their life and thus make them vulnerable.

Rule two: listen to your closest friends and family. They have been with you a great span of time. You’ve known them decades of your life. You’ve shared with them your deepest and most coveted secrets. Yet you dismiss their words of warnings as you swim deeper into a pool without Life-rings to save you as you drown. Go ahead and let yourself drown. If they are good friends, they’ll take you back and aid in your recreation.

Rule Three: At least 4% of our population will use and eat the 96% of you as we see fit to reach our gains. How many times can I say this? I so hope you not only read the words on my blog and dig into to words/thoughts between the lines.

Humanity itself, as if through evolution, created something far variant than the difference between tadpoles and frogs, those like myself exist in your world. We appear physically like you. We can smile, laugh, mimic your frowns and sadness, yet your emotion touches nothing with us.

Yet, I can say this.


Ladies and gentleman: When growing in an internet relationship, and perhaps the desperate loneliness of your existence propels you to such doldrums, reconsider going naked and masterbating on a cam for someone you have never met.


If you have fallen to such schemes and blackmail, at least here in the USA, contact the USA CIA/FBI or Homeland Security or even the IRS for that matter as they always wish for gaining other cash flows.

Simplest way to prevent being blackmailed by American internet Blackmailers: A line said the movie The Lost Boys (about vampires). Never invite vampires into your house, silly boy! It renders you powerless!

Trust your instincts!

Mark William Darus 06222013


I would humbly like to thank Yvette (the Netherlands) for its inspiration. Thanks, Yvette.