Wednesday, June 4, 2014

‘Let’s go out back and I’ll beat your ass’: An American Judge Yells at a Public Defender.

                                       ‘Let’s go out back and I’ll beat your ass’: An American Judge Yells at a Public Defender.
                                                          by Mark William Darus.

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                                      This video is something else;

                                     Land of the free and home of the Brave! Right?

                                     Don't Tread on Me, no? True origin no fully known, yet used many times in American history. Notably referred to as the Gadsden Flag with a snake.

                                     From My Cold, Dead Hands! Charlton Heston, in a  NRA gathering in Colorado after the Columbine incident.

                                      Wow, nice to know we've grown from typical Post Office rampages, far too often and mundane School shootings, snipers having sport (DC Sniper, Brenda Ann Spencer amongst many other  collegiate Bell Tower leagues,) to publicly elected officials going bonkers and going violent.

                                     Just another example of a countries spiritual, mental, economic breakdown?

                                     Rome Fell, didn't it?

                                     Is this the beginning of an up-and-coming trend in the United States? Where elected Judges are going to be  based more on physical prowess than intelligence? For them to be accelerated incarnations of Stalin  with an Iron Fist more so than the likes of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln?

                                    Okay, maybe Lincoln wasn't the greatest example, but he did stand for a belief that I believe Americans have not had from a president in far too many decades.

                                      Imagine being in a Court of Law...

                                       Most of us have been there at some point. Be it for contested traffic tickets, divorce, or other things.

                                      Beautifully stained woodwork surrounding, acoustic tiles eliminating echos, the beefy bailiff with hand on holster, a tranquil looking brunette stenographer taking everything spoken into hard copy.

                                       And, escalation ensues.

                                       Those in audience: Pupils open wider as two highly educated men increase the  pitch and volume of their voices.

                                        Like bullets cleaving a peaceful eve in a suburban town square...

                                         ‘Let’s go out back and I’ll beat your ass’ an Elected Florida Judge proclaims.

                                         I'm quite certain, as I think most of us would,  the Public Defender didn't seriously believe he'd be bitch-slapped by a Judge in a hallway leading to the Judges Chamber.

                                          And so it goes...

                                           The Judge is now seeking Anger Management Treatment. Nice.  Isn't that like a drunk driver, profoundly guilty of manslaughter while wasted and driving checking himself into Rehab just before his trial date comes?

                                            America, Still my country: How should we treat this judge?

                                            Okay, so I would like to be a share holder in the security surveillance companies that are going to install cameras in all the hallways across Americas courts. Much coin to be made here sports fans.

                              I wish to thank you for reading this.

                              This goes out and is dedicated to a friend I'll codename: Bright Eyes.

                             Mark William Darus. 06042014

Photo credit: Georgiann.