Thursday, June 14, 2012

Part One: What Makes Us Human? We kill each other freely.

                                What makes us human?
                                      Part One:


                  What makes the human animal, so apart from other animals and species that inhabit this once gentle earth, gone more violent from greed and a sincere, homicidal ideology to kill virtually everything we see that presents itself as an obstacle to us? What makes us in our ideals, desires and hungers create an atmosphere of content when we get ours at the lives of others?

                   Be it from segregation of races, monetary status or simply pushing deer and other natural animals from their lands to build housing developments to later call them a nuisance. \

               In the United States, my homeland, besides slavery, we committed wholesale genocide on the people that inhabited this land before we got here: Indians, Injuns, savages.

                As I like to say every Thanksgiving in regards to people that have a true and absolute claim to our lands: They brought us Turkeys and we gave them hot-lead, a mere few crossings down the road. Labeling them savages, animals, and lesser forms than whitemen, much as England had the Crusades, trashing lives/cultures that were simply different from theirs in power. And that power coming from what?

What gives all dominant societies superiority over others? What makes one group of people the power to rule over others? What makes their way right, correct for the benefit of humanity versus others of differing options?

Technology, that’s what.

Granted, it didn’t help Custer, but hey, you got to historically throw a dog a bone and give the INJUNS a win. <and didn’t Custer repeatedly do audacious acts to point out General McClellans absurdity to his subordinates during the American Civil War? Didn’t Custer, after McClellans wasting an hour wondering if a river was too deep to cross, take his steed by the reins and go into said river and say, as his steed was in midknee depth and say: This is how deep it is General. We can cross here.>

              I am not blaming all this tired worlds problems on this United States, but we have more than our fair share to do with it.

                  In 236 years, let’s take a look at what this country has accomplished.

                     We started with Blacks enslaved: Tell me how this didn’t help the industrial Agricultural growth. During Our Civil War, we may have declared how we’d set blacks free, but wasn’t that some ploy to make them feel a sense of loyalty to the Northern efforts to one day pay them less than whites for their very same labors as whites? <<<see movie Glory: Black Civil War soldiers, willing to die like Whites, yet paid less for their duties.>>> After the war, weren’t they paid less for jobs with the same skills and life-threatening endeavors? And this lasted how many decades? How many thousands slaved and dies, while getting paid with no benefits given to their families?

                  Who really built the railroads in the USA? At least I can say this on this: There has never been a government/ taxpayer influence on the railroads. They started by men of vision. They funded these uncharted areas themselves. They made a huge profit from cheap and expendable Chinese labor, a different sort-of slave, soon after the Civil War. How many of these men died with absolutely nothing being given their families.

                      By simple comparison, let’s make some cement, shall we. Let’s play in a desert plain. We’ll build steelworks foundries, cultivate the best of plumbing, electrical, and the mass of a nation that has no other gainful work to find until the next huge war comes along.

                 Let’s play with massive amounts of sweat, pain, potential death and relocating <leaving loved ones behind, families fragmented> for a hope. This hope: to live.

                C’mon America! Let’s play with cement on the most extreme of scales!


                           With this: The Hoover Dam was started.

                                When, at the first two months of its construction, white men began dying at about 100 a week, dehydration became a real problem. Oh my gosh. How could these men just die? Didn’t we make them barracks to live in, places for their families to live while they build this for our nation and didn’t we, in turn, charge them rent for these graces we bestowed on them? Didn’t we also own all the food stores and restaurants, not to mention, churches they‘d contribute to. Didn’t we also give them stores for their weakensses of lesser women desire and their sins in gambling?

                    Just prior to the beginning of the Hoover Dam, the dustbowl took out many states farming capabilities, wiping out virtually any physical sense of harvesting. Did the powers that be help them keep the banks from taking their lands and making them homeless? Didn’t we grant the banks power to hire thugs to remove them from their dwellings? Push them into desolate streets of sand and sadness: to fields of broken dreams.

                    Sorry, you lose. Capitalism must prevail. We got your land. Tough titty!

                                 And didn’t we, as a people many decades later, bail out these same banks with our slaved earned waged taxed dollars, believing in a dream that would not become a reality without a lottery?

              Like lambs to a slaughter, we did nothing against it.

                   Like lambs on Broadway, we kissed pavement.

               Like lamb cakes during Easter, we offered our heads.

             History only changes when its people make it so/

              We are at the brink, of what I would consider another Cold-War, with Russia. Why is this? They sell arms to other countries. OOOOOOOWWWWW, call out the boogeyman! Like we didn’t support Iran, Iraq and even the Taliban, to later go for their annihilation, In Our Own Best Interests. Didn’t we support the Cubans with both military arms and training to sacrifice them during the Bay-of-pigs?

               In Our Best Interests.

Anyone, Please: From any country, nation or tiny village: What does: OUR BEST INTEREST really mean? Feel free to take this to its least common denominator to share your mental view or humble point of interest. Jump on this. You don’t love where I do.

            Allow me to go backward, to the then and when:

             World War Two heated up.

              AN: Authors Note: I have discussed certain areas of this in previous posts.


                Didn’t we, as a country, take the Japanese Americans land, property and their dignity away from them because of Pearl Harbor? Did we do the same of the Germans, Russians or Italians when they declared war on the USA?
              We treated those of Japanese origins as a different colour and in so doing, made them the Lesser-Americans than whites and blacks in our lands.

              During the Cuban Missile Crisis, did we intern those of Spanish speaking backgrounds?
              When World War II ended: did we give back to the Japanese Americans their houses, businesses, their orchards the lives they had known before? Did we even acknowledge the educations they achieved here before the war?

      No, we didn’t.

            We hit the proverbial ’RESET’ button long before there was such a term of meaning.

          And personally hitting that ’RESET’ button.


          What makes us human?


       Hitler had twelve million killed.

          Mussolini had some twenty million killed.

            Before 1490: The Mongols ruled Afghanistan. No known record of the dead.

               Australia: Black War. This was between the British and the Tasmanian Aborigines in the Van Diemen’s land. The Aborigines were virtually exterminated.

             Do your homework. Read and study.


       Much after the baby boom went BOOM, didn’t all our parents want us to have lives easier than they’d had? Didn’t they say this to us, pushing us to go further: I just want you to have better, easier things than I did?

         Sure they did.

       If We’re lucky, we make what half of them did 20 years ago with their, maybe high school degrees.

         My best year working for a huge company, and I have no complaints, with overtime made me 49, 000. My father, on the other hand, passing 20 years ago, with not even a high school degree, made approx 85k two years before his death….

           They so wanted to make things easier for us.

                                           So what went wrong?


            Greed? Self minded self indulgence? Faith in perceived gods they held most high?



            Where does this go? Where should I take this further? Emails, phone calls, where?


               What theories, by the questions asked here deserve answers?

             You decide.

                  Most Urgent: Why the United States oppose Russia on anything unless it gains them…

             Through some cash, some grain, some human lives from any country, why oppose? Yeah, we know the answer here….

              Some fucker has to get rich and make friends rich. THIS IS THE RULE OF THE LAND IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…

               And at what point do we hear the sounds and see the sights of family and friends that passed before us to see this?

              Didn’t we disregard this as an event of folly…

           Wait til this future cold war burns hotter.

            Choose your own path,

Mark Williamn Darus