Monday, November 18, 2013

A Cold Day in Hell...


                                  American President apologizes?
                                          Never thought I'd see a cold day In Hell...
                                      by Mark William Darus

Affordable Care Act goes into full swing this January in the once great United States of America. It was constructed to make health care affordable and available to all. To many, it sounded too good to be true.

It was.

The President repeatedly told the American people they could keep their current doctors and health plans, maintaining their personal needs. He told his people this with massive confidence and unflinching stance.

Apparently, he didn't read his own fine-print.

Healthcare dot GOV was launched with all the confidence of the early Mercury Space program back in the baby-days of the US space race with Russia. Like that first unmanned rocket on the launch pad, attitudes and spirits ran high with incredible enthusiasm and hubris.

Like that first rocket launching, the skies above held clear and the most vibrant of deep blue tone, the morning air was crisp and clean. The eyes of well intentioned people held smiles as the LAUNCH BUTTON was pressed.

Applaud rang out unbridled as things went into motion.

Obama-care quickly burned to a crisp like poorly attended french fries at a fast food restaurant.

The Healthcare dot Gov website took a huge crap on virtually every nervous face that visited it. Massive lag, serious screen lock-ups, and generally poor system issues ran like an unknown virus that could eclipse the CDC. Your higher only has a clue how many entered vital, highly personal information only to be given the sweetest of messages stating the system is currently having issues, please try again later!


When things began to fall like single snowflakes quickly turning to blizzard conditions when driving on a freeway, perceptions changed drastically.

Within the first month, several hundred thousand Americans were sent Non-renewal notices of their existing health coverage based on either the ACA mandate as Insurance companies, either on the angle of greed or simply wishing to be compliant lashed out against those people and companies that paid them tirelessly

The website was created by a Canadian company, so we were told. My god, is this to say an American company couldn't be trusted with such a monumental task in creating a highly profound piece of history?

I'd like to believe US companies desired no part in this fantastic voyage as their think-tanks advised them of the potential legal nightmares as information would be breached, identities stolen and mayhem could occur in the digital age. I believe they tanked their quotes not wanting to potentitial fall out of system breaches, bug issues and general failures to pay them a visit like a bad check risking their futures. I further believe they did this much like the Republican party during the first election of Obama. Remember, the nominated Sarah as a vice presidential candidate, a rep from a state with the second lowest number for the college electoral votes (CEV). Let's face it: Presidents are not made by a vote of the people. They are made by the power of the CEV.

Well, to make this intro short: In no time at all, as our Leader said he was sorry, members of his own party scurried for cover as the truths began to rise like putrid froth in a toxic human waste dump. Once proud supporters quickly scurried far from his side and went public as to not be covered by the growing number of flies descending on the ObamaCare river of filth. 

       One of his own advisers warned him that some 93 million Americans would lose their health coverage based on the ACA, as it was being drafted, back in 2010, our leader pressed on.

In the coming days, weeks, I hope to share with you the letters from insurance carriers declining coverage as of the New Year.

Mark William Darus 11182013

I'd like to thank the following for their kind thoughts and hopes these last two months.
Yvette L (Belgium)

Theda (South Africa)

Marya C (Mexico)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Been a while...

                     I hope everyone is doing well.
                     I have been working on a few things that, by sheer research alone has taken me away from writing the last month. I am sorry for this.
                     It is my hope that when I have more time to put down my thoughts, I will be able to give them justice.
                     Thank you for your continued reading.