Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Babe of the Modern Age: The Children Of This Blue Marble R R Future.

                                         A Babe of the Modern Age.
                                                   Rhinobaby II.
                                    A short film with original music.

                                            A SlamTraktor Production.
                                          (all rights and lefts reserved.)

                                     I shot this footage November 2012 at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Cleveland Ohio USA. In the last two days, I edited this, wiped out the background noise and synthesized music for it.

Thank you for watching the first production from SlamTraktor Productions.
SlamTraktor is the Multimedia division of Psychopathy: Another Life. Video freely used with simple permission. (just email).
              Authors note: I would like to thank Those that brought and continuously bring inspiration to me in word, sight and sound.
             My Higher Power: You got me back into photography but a year ago. I had no idea why you had me buy that Kodak Easyshare from Big Lots when I really didn't have to spare cash to do it. You made me go digital and fired my mind as you said to me in such a calm and even voice: "You write okay, M'boy, you are descriptive squared and all.  You do reach people of wide spectrum, putting them into scenarios unknown to them. I gave you a gift and you now run with it: Being able to express your mind without fear of rejection. You are a student of life, and from that, you respect how I touched your life at birth and share it with others being a teacher. You were given an eye to capture things  with a mind to describe thoughts sharply with written word. The grace to capture photographs and express about them. Be not afraid, I said to you over a year and half ago. So glad you listened and never wavered at any point."
Thanks to my Facebook Friends and their encouraging words. You all inspired me with your thoughts to go further with my photography.
Thank you to Ryn Cricket and Deborah Glaefke Gilbert! You placed my photographs as covers for your books.  Thanks most profoundly!
And BIGGEST/HUGEST thanks to momma and baby Rhino! Thank you most high for the chance to film you and your child as it runs about! You and your kind are endangered. You and your baby are amongst the slimmest of Minorities to merely walk with us as your Lands become nothing more than monetary gains to select humans.  May those of us enlightened do what we can to prevent your extinction.  
Personally speaking: I guess everything is a form of inspiration to me. Even in my psychopathic being, why is it I can find the so-called Silver-Lining in the darkness so many of the desolate angels, feeling their religions most highly cast blame to others casting off their own guilt for its making?
"Because they can't dance like I can!" Dr Greg House, TV show: HOUSE.
Hoping you liked the video.
Mark William Darus
SlamTraktor Production LTD.