Monday, June 25, 2012

BPD: Yet Another Life. Intro to Borderline Personality Disorder.

                Intro to Borderline Personality Disorder <<BPD>>research study:


         Why research this area of Mental Disorders ? Well, I like underdogs in all aspects of life. Like the area of Nonviolent Psychopathy <NVP>, there is very little known about this aspect of human life.

          Unlike NVP, BPD crosses to lands where either physical illness brings it to light or its victims were simply born this way. Either way, there are physically painful aspects that connect these with mental illness.

          One has to ask: What came first? The chicken or the egg? What came first? The physical pain or the downside of mental wellness?

          My personal visits to University Hospitals Psych area and its staff never fail to give me areas to further explore. I use their suggestions and run with it. I do this to help those in trouble and maybe aide them at getting help.

           How many of us haven’t been in need of help that its bleakness descends on us and drives us to harm or run so beyond the scope of ourselves and those precious others around us, are completely eclipsed by its grandeur?

           Some peaks at best left climbed and guided by those with understanding of its terrain and knowledge of an ever-changing landscape as winds, blinding snowfalls come from nowhere. Where does one find a worthy guide to climb? What should be brought before ascension? Clean clothing, insurance in order, or an open mind mostly clouded through shredded memories of past failures after trying? What to bring? Ever felt a sense of unease going to Christmas gathering wondering if presents you bought will be appreciated or just looked as a half-assed attempt to save face? If you have, you know, perhaps can feel what these people of pain and mental side-windings go thru each and every day of their lives.

       What do I attempt to find as I climb Everest once again?

       Truth as it is given to me from readers that wish to write feelings out in plain sight. Their experiences and life events and how others viewed them. Maybe finding some anonymous peaceful land to simply share and realize they are NOT alone on this planet. For friends and families to share experiences over time: feeling lost in helping, guiding those with this Illness.

        Know this: like psychopathy, Borderline Personality Disorder is NOT considered a viable disability and therefore will not get anyone a ‘check’. For those that follow beyond the United States of America: the ‘check’ designation goes to this countries view of a disability and how the government will send them a monthly paycheck, if you will, for not being able to work and earn a living.

        In the United States of America, this ‘check’ aspect tends to go for those that never worked more than a few months in 5 years of life beyond eighteen years of age, yet as a benefit of a twisted welfare system that funded, or finding other avenues to find a doctor that placed signature to paper they were unfit to work and be granted a check.

      I make no judgment on this, but I will back up my words here.

        Just what is Borderline Personality Disorder?

         This disorder should be considered serious in areas as they pertain to unstable relationships, massive mood swings, < I love you, but I am going to punch you in the face>, behaviors that can instantly go from major violence or its opposite., <I want to kill my boss slowly! Let’s go to the mall and eat Orange Chicken.>L

       Those suffering from BPD often experience:

       An innate inability to control thoughts or emotions on a day to day basis.

      Massively impulsive and reckless behaviour.

      Unstable relationships with those beyond families (perhaps because families/blood ties have deeper roots that can deal with droughts given to them by the afflicted.)

      There are physical areas I wish to explore here as well as mental.

          I am not a doctor by any stretch of imagination. I do believe this credential is irrelevant where people on people experience occur with emails, or as phone conversations or face-to-face encounters grace me, bless me, if you will.


      Without leaving Psychopathy: Another Life in the dust, let’s explore another area of human experience that can kill, more via suicide than financially wasting others for gain. Far more internal in its minds hold seeking an end to pain, either imagined or realized since adolescents.


      It is my sincere hope we will discover something that aides.


Mark William Darus June 25 2012 6:29 PM