Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gone Missing.


                                    An Event: Gone Missing.
                                      By Mark William Darus.

Okay, Friday the 18 being my second full 50 hour week of employment at my new job, celebrating my first month there, I feel a need to reflect and share.

Like every other aspect of my life, it’s been a wondrous and odd journey.

The contrast of working nearly twenty years with computers and phones and being politically correct to go back to the world of manufacturing, loud noises, freely swearing and bad jokes has been an absolute joy to me.

This last week went a bit odd.

My partner, the man who trained me, went missing. He was there Monday, but Tuesday we didn’t hear from him when he no/call no/showed. He’s 61 years of age and to say the last several years of his life hasn’t been a tragedy would be putting it mildly.

Several years ago, he had the worst day imaginable: What would you do if you received a call from a hospital saying your mom is dead? And, when driving to the hospital, you get a call saying a drunk driver crossed a double-yellow and wasted your wife and two children?

Ponder the avenues your mind would scream down.

You go from zero to four funerals in the span of an hour.

Where would your mind travel during such events occurring in less than 60 minutes?

What emotions would you feel?

You’re driving a car, that from the first call, you’re seeing everything in an eerie light scheme. You can focus enough to keep you from rear-ending the car in front of you, but all in your peripheral vision is speeding blur to your sides.

Work received a call Wednesday from his sister wondering when he left work. Imagine her shock when she was told he never came that Tuesday.

Those of us at work asked questions about seeing him that Monday.

He seemed distracted, but I didn’t know him well enough. I did sense something wasn’t right though.

So you still keep driving to your mothers hospital to see her dead, knowing you have another place to go to see your dead wife and children.

Would your mind snap then?

Would you go to booze or drugs for balance?

Or like a good Scotch, would you let these feelings and thoughts ferment?

He was found in a motel room. Alive.

I know nothing further, but I wish him well and will help him any way I can…

Mark William Darus: 01192013