Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where do we go from here? Reader comments.

                               Where do we go from here?
                               Reader comments via emails.
                                    By Mark William Darus
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These are several comments I have received over the last few weeks over the current direction of this blog. They arrived to me from several Countries, each holding unique thoughts.


Thank you, Mark for keeping your blog going. Your thoughts seem to never end as you travel down different mental/emotional roads of humanity. You’re writing has evolved greatly since you started this.

Please keep the Tara entries going. Tara reminds me of someone I knew so very long ago.


Ingrid, Germany.


You’ve lost your edge. I’m not insulting you when I say this. Perhaps you’ve reached a stage of burn-out? I cannot imagine it is easy to keep that intensity level on high as you have for over a half year.

I must admit, you have always written with a political bent so firmly against your country on many fronts. You take a stance seldom shared globally. I believe this is why you have reached so many countries as many of us think your country is heading toward the final days of Rome. I think you know this and are laughing like a lunatic with every punch and question to throw out there for us to read.

Thanks, Mark,

Atanas, Bulgaria.


If you lived in my country, I think you would’ve been arrested a long time ago. Sedition, thy name is Mark William Darus.

Nice work!

Yori, Elsewhere.


This is not so blog related as Facebook. Your posting Karen Carpenters song Sandy as the Cyclone aimed at your coast caused me to laugh. The words of that song so wrong for tragic occasion. “oooow Sandy, could we spend the day together,” Crist, man! So disgusting. “you know how rainy weather gets me down when I’m alone…” Sick.

You must be of British in heritage to have such a nasty sense of humor.

Again, you caused me to laugh and share it with others. We found it funny.

Maeva, Norway.


I like new format and photographs. The black and white photographs are crisp and sharp. You gifted and touched by God himself. Thoughts placed with them sincere and meaningful.

Kristjana, Iceland.



You fucking crack me up, bro! I like what you write and love your shots. Are you going to finish the Rape story? I think you should, really.

Tony, USA.


I have been reading you since June and witnessed your maturity and growing clarity. You have taken raw coal and caressed it to beauty.

Your entry concerning your ‘bestest friend’ caused me to cry with its kindness and love. You label yourself a psychopath yet my belief is you could not write that if you do not embrace some sense of emotion. You are observant, yes, but you must hold empathy as you crawl into the minds and hearts of others you encounter.

If you are a true psychopath, you’d only be interested in yourself alone. You would not take the time or effort to write the things you do.

Psychopaths do not teach others.

You may be an evolution of psychopathic behaviors. All conditions mutate.

I like where I believe you are headed.

Zora, Czech Republic.


I just wanted to express my liking of your new colour scheme and photo.

Maintaining the stone sides and as you altered everything else was a master stroke sublime! The left side takes the eye of the viewer as it melts into the title pic.

Your thoughts are clearer, more concise and come across more intelligent. You still keep a hardened point of view and ask harsh questions. Whatever changed in your life has translated into a solidly formed structure, much like the shot on the main page. Cold stone to blue skies, the beauty and beast if you like.

Small wonder you are approaching ten thousand reads!


Marianna, USA.



People can be such assholes! I find great wonder as you place their ignorance or outright stupid thoughts for us to read. You’ve caused me to rethink some of my values and structure as I live.



Paola, Latvia.


Your entry about your nephews choir was touching and politically hurtful. You carried it off seamlessly and made a strong point about our educational and value system in the United States. Your sharings was like that of a metal spork, smooth, soft curves leading to sharp teeth to stick and bite the reader.

Incredible writing. Sound emotion and thought provoking.

It is a pleasure to read your words and see your shots.

Laura, USA.


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I couldn't agree with you more! When I graduated Tech, I remember Mr. Dietrich, adviser to the school newspaper who took four of the top five awards in journalism for Ohio schools with a 500+ enrollment, stating, "If you put the Tatler's achievement in sports lingo, we are batting 800. Who in sports can say that, and mean it?" I have no doubt he heard about that one, but it took guts to say it.

I think Ignatius realizes that it is the brains of the alumni that bring in the long term bucks, whereas the brawn contribute to the short term financial needs. You can't get through that school on brawn alone (Thank God!), as is the case in the real world.

It always burned my ass that the jocks got more recognition than the academics, but I saw the tide turning at Berea's commencement this year. I heard nothing of what the sports teams did, but plenty of the scholarship money awarded to graduates.

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! It only took 40 years!

In closing, let me state that there are very few things in life that cannot be taken from you (including life). Education and that diploma or degree are yours even after you're gone. They are the one thing that, once you have earned it, NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY FROM YOU!

Holly, USA.


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Your photography is awesome. Keep on with what you're doing. You touch the soul of what you see.

Gretchen, USA.



I would like to thank those that shared their words with me.

I could not continue this without the support of readers like you.

As my blog, Psychopathy: Another Life hit 9500 reads in the last 8 months, you have so freely shared what it means to you. I wish to express my gratitude to you as my writing, thoughts and rantings would mean nothing without your emails and continual visits to further propel it.

It is to you I wish to share.

As I write about psychology from a layman’s standing, sharing stories of mental illness, rape in many forms, human evil and grace, crushing sadness and loving emotional beauty. As I further go into tales of prostitutes, drug dealers as well as those embracing their souls from some event that caused their painful 180 turn to light and happiness. Many loved ones granted me audience with their experiences on the death and dying as they witnessed the falling of others in horrid abyss’, yet others shared events of sunny warmth and hope everlasting.

Besides the readers, I must confess this:

I have little or no clue what makes me go on in this life.

We all have some impending death sentence down the road. Go figure. We begin to die from the very moment we take in air as we cry aloud for the first time when we leave the safety of the womb. Most of us will spend a good amount of our lives crying further as we feel loss of the lives of others close to us. Women cry as they feel and men, even in this day and age, tend to hide it and seldom reveal it without alcohol or drugs.

I have no idea what keeps me running.

The only logical conclusion I can see is simply this: Every life I have encountered is so utterly different in heart and soul that it defies typical clich├ęs, groupings and stereotypes. Each and every person is worthy of note and their tale wanting to be heard by someone.

Oblivion? Yeah, in your depths of anguish and despair, don’t think for a moment that there isn’t someone willing to listen to you and be a sounding board.

Oblivion: As long as there are idiots like me, there is no such thing.

I will not stop writing on this blog until I die. As that time comes closer, I will need to find someone willing to take over.

Thank you for your time,

Mark William Darus 10312012.