Thursday, March 22, 2012

The warnings: That those know work: Through Animal Eyes

You’ve met them. Be it at a party, a grocery store or perhaps a gas station while filling up. They’d casually make a comment about something and attempt to engage your eyes. People so looking average in most ways; a pleasant smile, great voice, much energy that most would engage them. Yet you didn’t. You’d later tell others: you ever meet someone that for no particular reason you just didn’t’ like?

Well, you are not the norm in our society. You somehow have a link to things in your subconscious that send warning lights as a predator approaches. You feel the hairs on your neck stand out, an unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach, and a feeling to get the hell away as soon as possible.

You are the few that follow your animal instincts. You are seldom suckered into anything. You take time to think before both commenting and acting on any given situation.

Was this because you have a memory of being used and how you felt afterward that made you wise? Remembering a story from friend who’d been suckered into perhaps cosigning for an SO’s who defaulted on a car loan and leaving them holding the bag? Are you working on memory?

Chances are you are not. You most probably have a greater sense of following your instincts than most. All animals have a sense when they are approached by a predator. Most can sense the fight or flight impulse and respond to it. Unfortunately, most respond in the wrong way and become the prey.

That begs the question: What do you look for in a mate that may be a psychopath?

For the most part, you want to watch these tell-tails of average signs.

1. They seemingly have an abundance of energy, which to you seems almost contagious. They often display a great deal of body motion, talking with their hands, swaying their bodies in an almost rhythmic fashion. This is one of the ways you are being drawn into their world.

Why not? Look at all this energy! Most of the people we encounter hate their jobs and are more or less, lifeless. They live only for weekends and the other 5 days have virtually nothing to offer us except negative aspects of their lives: bills, work lives and stress.

The nonviolent Psychopath knows this and goes in the complete opposite direction. Watch for the showering of compliments from this person you have only known for less than five minutes.

2. They have no solid work background more than several years at a clip. They can so fill in the gaps though with stories that make sense to most. There is an almost too-logical flow to their words and statements that how can you think they are lying? They are acting for you.

3. Eye contact. They will constantly keep eye contact with you no matter where you turn your head. This is where they are sizing you up, digging into your head: The eyes are the mirror to the soul, after all and their recorder is always running.

4. They get in your space, usually getting within two feet of you. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a crowded bar or a vacant grocery store, they will move closer and closer. This is where they find the boundary line and gauge everything else that follows based on this. At this point, back up and maintain distance from this stranger. Do not let them into your henhouse.

5. Based on gender:

Female predator to male prey: they will share with you deep story of betrayal in the not so distant past. Examples of this: A seemingly meaningless grocery store encounter that turns into a soul baring experience. ‘My last man knew I was vegan and he always bought meat, How heartless? He knew I didn’t like such things. Ya know? Like Chinese water torture..’ Watch for the pouty expression and the lowering head. As she does this, she will still keep eye contact with you. Think about it: is this normal of someone displaying real emotion? Most feeling some sense of shame or regret will seldom meet another’s eyes. The other thing going toward males need to protect: “he beat me. Sure, he was great for a while. But, )she looks down at her shoes, yet still keeps eye contact with him, displaying a learned look of shame) but I loved him, ya know…?”

Male predator to female prey: “she just didn’t understand me… I’m an emotional guy and she just couldn’t take it. Sorry I cried when my mom passed away. Is that such a sign of weakness?” This is their way of going for most women’s maternal instincts. Unlike the female predator, men will drop their eyes and lose eye contact. This is expected behavior in men and they will know this. Men so have a way of not making eye contact that this seems perfectly normal to most women. They simply write it off as ’normal’ behavior. As they console this new found friend, they need to watch for instant smiles and words about their appreciation to meet someone that understands them. This is the males way of drawing you in.

This is most commonly followed by the male asking, with false shamed face: ’so, what was your worst experience with an SO?’ Don’t fall into this. Thru this, he will find your weaknesses that lie inside you heart.

I’ve given 5 examples thus far. These are not the only ones to heed but they are the basic ones. What makes those different then a normal encounter with a stranger?

Your instincts, that’s what. Do not fall into the “ I’m so educated, so smart, so intelligent,’ bullshit that you cannot be so absorbed into yourself that you cannot be taken advantaged of and be devoured by one that is far more cunning. As Cosmo would say: Smart women, Stupid choices. In short: Don’t let your ego make you someones bitch.

Whether you can learn from these things or not depends on what you consider important to you and what your instincts would guide you.


Those basic thoughts/ emotions of humanity play such a deep part in your future than what you may know or think possible as you could be the prey. Trust these things and do NOT delude yourself further and simply dismiss them. YOUR BODY/MIND IS TELLING YOU SOMETHING. FOR your Gods sake, listen to it. Run away…