Friday, October 19, 2012

Shadows on my Mind: Harder than Diamonds.

                                         Shadows on my Mind.
                                         Harder than Diamonds.

                                        By Mark William Darus

To what do I owe for the amazing gifts I have been given? In the last two months I have had two of my photographs become book covers. I am stunned in a way so unfamiliar that I have thrown up twice today. My God, two covers and possibly a third.


I feel something is happening to me. I have no idea what though. It’s sort of exhilarating and frightening at the same time. It’s like I have somehow stumbled into some obscure movie that it so slightly based in reality that I’m almost afraid I’ll wake up and find it an illusion.

Since July 2012, I have taken over 8000 photographs, generally liking about 10 percent of those. Such is the luxury of digital photography, oddly something I had little interest in as opposed to 35mm SLR’s. In the last two months or so, throwing myself into workings of my Fuji, I taught myself to only shoot in manual mode.

When I go on my journeys, usually with a huge cup of coffee and a pack of L&M’s, I am usually alone. It’s not that I don’t like being around friends when I shoot so much as I feel it wrong to ignore them. I get absorbed wherever I go to the point that my surroundings become my lover, it’s embrace so warm and welcome.

From a written standpoint, this will the least amount of words I have ever entered on my Blog.









At this point after taking the last two to three hours reviewing, I think I know those that should be thanked.
I humbly thank Ryn Cricket and Deborah Gilbert for thinking enough of my shots to place them on your books. I would also like to thank all my Facebook friends for their kind words of encouragement.
But it is with profound gratitude that I say this: Big thanks as well as milk and kisses to the loyal readers of Psychopathy: Another Life! I don't think I would've returned to photography if it hadn't been for you.

                       To everyone, to my god, nature, cold man made steel, I bow to you for the gifts you share with me.

Mark William Darus 10192012