Tuesday, July 28, 2015

May i Ask You to take A Moment and Pray,

                 May i Ask You to take A Moment and Pray, Send Hope to Lafayette Louisiana.

                         After a fairly odd night at work, spending some twenty minutes decompressing with Craig, talking about work and life in general after clocking out.

                    i Work in a machine shop. Tons and Tons of metal is crafted into axels, shafts and transmission parts. Raw material fed into machines by the  amazing men and women i work with, getting spat out and put into steel bins, usually totaling anywhere between 1 to 2 tons in weight. These are moved about via Mitsubishi TowMotors about the shop. Well, the shop redid the floor and seem highly worried about scuff marks/scratches on the floor.  I believe I am heading for a write-up as marks, scars and drag-marks happen on oily surfaces at the colossal speed of 1 to 2 miles an hour. I truly feel for and love my BOSS as he brings scratches and such discovered on day shift  to my and others attention.  I cannot imagine how he feels about wanting us to be gentler, softer and further careful and vigilant when setting TONS of weight to recently painted concrete flooring. He's a proud man, did time in our Army, and I think his mind is blowing chunks on this. He may be my BOSS, yet he has one as well.

                  CRaig and i  usually talk to each other every night after work. We comment about sounds heard, occasional coyotes baying, frog sounds and hilarious PA messages from seriously over-worked men  for a towmotor operator as they imitate one another. We laugh, share things, shake hands, enter our vehicles after saying "seeya later today, or Seeya in the PM" as those that work hours like us, there is no tomorrow except for weekends.

                   i get into my Trailblazer, fire up the straight 4.2 and click my radio to life and am greeted with-

                   "Police are not releasing the name of the 58 year old white male that killed 3 people while gunning down 7 more at a movie theatre in Lafayette Louisiana during the opening of the film Trainwreck. "

                     i was stopped hard by this news. Just two days ago I reread an old blog entry about the Colorado Movie shooting that the shooter is now on trial for.


                     i began crying as i thought about how those there must have seen this come down before their eyes. i thought about children that may have been there and what their minds, innocence shattering as bullet fire rang out and how scared they must have been.

                     Needing cigs, I stopped at the GetGo on my way home. i asked the register worker what she thought the shooting.

                      She hadn't heard of it, nor had the three people behind me. Quickly, The Three nailed their SmartPhones discovering it. i heard heaving gasps from them, a couple saying 'my god!"

                       "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?" an Applebees  smock clad waitress exclaimed.

                        "I need to call my wife," a tired looking black man in overalls shared.

                     "your total is 12 dollars and 30 cents,"

                      Swiping my debit card across a reader, i offered this: "pray for them if you have it within to do so."

                      A stranger put his hands on my shoulders as i turned around to exit. He was crying, saying, "Dear Lord Jesus, be with the ones in the hospital, their friends and children."

                     i looked into this mans eyes and felt his  words/hearts desire to God.

                     my Savior, Jesus, thank you making me do what i do and see what occurs around me.


                      He is With us, Always
                          click link above for the song.

                    Father of all beautiful and wonderful things, i ask you to stretch your loving arms around the people of Lafayette Louisiana as they struggle, cry, hurt, and wake this morn feeling way different than they had to day before. Dear holder of my heart and soul, i pray you be with them as you have always stuck by my side never straddling  a fence as I faltered before you . i kind of know you will, yet i ask you all the same. I cannot fully know nor imagine how big your heart and thoughts for us  truly must be. Your love so great and vast,  eclipsing the highest Earthland peaks while delving into depths far lower in the darkest,  most secretive and protected parts of our hearts.  Lord, Jesus, if you were a music studio (and in my heart of hearts, you are to so many. Inspiring them, fueling them, touching their minds causing fire to ignite within them,  nailing hearts to share to the world.) your soundboard would have a billion plus sliders to balance.  i beseech you both, my Jesus and his Dad, God: Have this city awaken in a few hours and see your glory and peaceful embrace hold them. They will be hurting in ways i sickly can imagine. This  coming weekend, parents telling loving children that maybe going to a movie isn't a great idea right now, give these parents blessed alternatives being a picnic in the park, their kids and friends cooking the kitchen night, and.or whatever ideas you would grant them, if lost without your love, or simply blindsided today and hold you high.

                      my Loving and Guiding Force in my sinful heart, Jesus: Have others extend arms around to embrace so many so hurting across my lands this morning. God, shove some incredibly stubborn to place in their heart they can place a quivering hand to another s shoulder as they express: I'm sorry for your loss.

                  Lord, their minds must be rifling across so many things: Movies, Not Safe. Churches, ditto, forget Postal offices, Jobs, schools, gas stations, Malls, where is Safe Harbor?

                 My Heavenly Father, teach them easier than you did me in letting them know the only safe place is how we live each day while trying our hardest to try and stay by your side and not stray from you.

                So grateful you gave yourself for us.

                 In Jesus name, i pray, Amen.

     - MWD. words from me shared via permission given ALL of us to do so. What is your cost of faith? How would having faith hurt you? Just asking....

               Be Blessed in your walk.