Thursday, July 26, 2012

Forty Hours: 12.5 Countdown

                       Forty some hours: T-minus 12.5 and Counting.


                                 Continued from previous entry.



               Teddy heads home at 3:30 pm on July twenty-fifth, 1962.


            Approaching Scranton and Meyers avenue, pausing for a moment, heart thudding about, he turns onto Meyers. Less than a tenth of a mile he hangs a sharp left toward his alley. Stopping diagonally from his garage, stepping out, he gazes down the alley. He sees children playing about, their laughter, pausing a moment to take deep breath into lungs without mill dust.

          Opening gate to garages right, opening gate, walking. Cornering left, saying hi to Heidi, who happily says: “daddy! Love you!.” Smiling fully, opening the garage door, he walks.

         He pulls, parks his car to the garage. Killing engine as he exits it, smelling exhaust, so happy to be home again. He locks the back doors which cover his vehicle.

          He greets his wife and she embraces him.

          Good to be home.

          They ate dinner. Much later than planned on as Ted made meatloaf.

            As he prepared his specialty, he took off his work-shoes. This event was most spectacular. Flies would fall from the sky, dogs would heave guts and children would run to escape that which held in leather work shoes became unleashed. Foul!

        Going to sleep after tucking daughters to bed.

         Smoking L&M’s together privately, black and white TV to the beds right side, showing ‘snow‘. Fully swollen belly, arms extended, hands on his shoulders, pulling him closer to her.

         The orange glow from cigarette inhaled cast images of smiles and frustration.

         “I love you, “ Ted says to Mari, taking her closer and she grasps him to her.

         “I love you, too!” Mari, feeling about to burst, exhausted in every respect, wishing for peaceful sleep in her mans arms. Drifting off slowly, certainly, descending into dreamland.

        RING RING RING! Goes the alarm clock, its clackers rebounding quickly from left to right, nailing 2 inch bells, awakening the dead to rise.

         Teddy awakens, kills the clock, listening to sound of Mari’s snoring.

        Standing, pulling on fresh pants, reaching towards yesterdays trousers, placing right hand into pocket taking change and dollars from it. Left hand taking fresh undershirt, covering it with a white button-down, staring blankly at a mirror, he slowly turns and heads toward the hallway. Three quarters down the hall, as he has walked over a thousand times, he firmly plants his right small toe into the chimney jog: Shiiit, he mutters, loud at first, much softer at its end.

         Reaching the bathroom, flipping a switch, he takes razor into hand. Shaving.

        Mari is dreaming: Standing in a field of industrial waste, looking toward vivid sunrise of ever changing hues of blues and greens. Longest of dark hair blowing in light breeze as her forehead begins to sweat. Looking left over Clark Field, alone, lighting an L&M, taking in the tobacco and morning air. Nostrils paying no mind to the heavy smell of the Coke Plants odor of rotting eggs and burning hair.

        Soundly into Dreamland, she walks into the oddest of sights greet rational memory.

       Colours change, smells take on new meaning, sounds seem so distant….

         This day goes on as they have so many years before.

         Mari does for her children and parents.

         Teddy works his job, though somewhat absentmindedly now.

         Blue hat man approaches Ted: “you got a call. You need to take it,”

         “Whu, what do you mean?”

          “ what the fuck do I know, I’ a driver from Dworkin. I was asked to tell you you have a call.”

        “Thank you, “ Ted says, excited, handing this man a five to spend in the canteen.

        It is 1:50 pm, July 26 1962.



            Authors Note: As this gets closer to the heart I can only say this: I am thankful for the opportunity to express things once again.

                   Sorry this entry is so short.

            Mark William Darus: 07262012