Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hmmm, Did Stephen King mean to write: E-bo-la, bumpity bumpity bumpity BUMP!

\;Welcome to The Real Stand.
;Mark William Darus.

;As the Ebola virus sweeps Africa, has landed in Texas with one in serious condition  after a botched ER visit and sent him home with weak antibiotics to infect others, and a hundred now in quarantine,  tell me how we will ever be told the truth when this infection spreads further?

                I think we won't. Why? Simply put: We as the USA are in the last financial quarter, Xmas spending just around the bend, and how many of us would really buy toys, candles and nicer things instead of necessities like water, food and thick garments for those we love and care about?

               Ebola has a twenty one incubation period....

              A man once said: "How many necks  can be sliced in a single night from one with a blade?" Multiply that with a sneeze, cough or a gunshot victim splashing blood  as an vastly underpaid EMS crew treat them on scene. (the Vastly underpaid reference goes toward an area oh so American in our value system, This being: Daycare/childcare workers Equal wages of Emergency Medical Service workers, those usually getting either United States Minimum Wage, that being under 9 dollars an hour versus we apparently as a Nation value much more worthy.

             We, as cities with Professional athletics teams wish to pay, albeit fight and fret for the right to pay one individual over ten million dollars a year just TO PLAY A FUCKING GAME?!?!

Wow, let's all cheer the player that caught a football, made a field goal, shot a three pointer or hit a game winning home run. Excuse me as they are vastly overpaid: BUT ISN'T THIS WHAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO??????!!!!! When was the last time you applauded your daycare workers for taking care of your children? Sure, you might Idly thank an EMS worker for saving a parent dying or even a child, but did you ever think for a Damned moment they should be paid much more than some idiot playing a game? A game! A game. What game do you wish to live your life in? Mark William Darus 10072014