Monday, January 6, 2014

Sub Zero temperatures crossing us. Warning shot fired across our personal bows.


                                           Do you have enough water? Heat source? Job stability to survive.
                                                   Mark William Darus.

                                 Being a child of Cleveland Ohio USA, born in 1962, we learned to deal with cold spells that lasted two to three months at a clip. We were taught to bear this burden to merely walk to school and get wherever. We merely wore more clothing and walked like robots as the layers of wool, cotton and polyester stifled our forward process to reach our schools, churches and jobs. We did this because we had to do so.

                           We here, in the 1970's would ha ve temps stay in single digits for days/weeks on end and simply  take it as a matter of course. We'd bundle up, our parents would send us outside to either walk to school, shovel something, whatever.

                            We learned.

                        As a result, we children grew, we'd meet up and go sledding with steel runnered Western Fliers and build ramps to fly over on Clark Field Hill. We had fun with the cold, Granted, many would say we were merely making the best of the worst scenario, yet I'd argue that whole heartedly. Fun is fun, smiles shared are smiles in lifelong memory that carry with an amazing abiltiy to create warmth in the chilliest of hearts as we get older and jaded. Confused.

                      This child growing fondly remembers the commercials from Standard Oil, later to be taken by BP British Petroleum about the perils of Fuel-Line freeze up. This happens when there is enough water in your cars gas tank for the fuel line to freeze and kill your car in its track.

                       Look at it medically this way: Your human system develop a single clot. This tiny little microscopic fucker can shut down your kidneys, trash your liver, waste your heart and lungs and gnenrally kill you. All this killer is merely nothing more than an impedance of flow of vital blood and oxygen to your organs.

                      Serious cold will do this to your Behemoth Chevy Suburban, Ford Excursion, Lincoln Navitagor regardless of your status just the same as those that own a Kia Soul, aging Dodge Neon, Saturns, SAABs, Beamers as we descend into temps colder than known in recent memory.

                       Not so many years I was given an opportunity to teach frostbite to two willing skiers, Nathan and Becki as we skied a Dawn Patrol in sub zero temperatures. heaTeaching them the tells,  discolorations and symptoms to cell death, hypothermia, gang green. we'd do two runs down the desolate slopes and head toward ten to fifteen minutes in the lodge to recharge and d back out. After about an hour of my approach, I let them, in their teens, make the decision of when we should get shelter. They'd look at one an other and make the call.

                         In a territory of less than zero, when  you inhale, your nostrils freeze and lock down as icicles develop. Mixing with the warm damp exhale, icicles further grow.

                    Some, perhaps many, would label this child abuse. Yeah, bring it on, AssClowns.

                    I have very little faith in peoples common sense to know what to do in severe cold weather.

                                My thoughts to you:

                                     Stock water. This main stay is the essence of life. Pipes will burst as watermains break about y0u lands. Civi War moment: The Value of a chamber pot can be freeing. For those of you that don.\t know what a chamber pot is. Imagine yourself, having no where else to dump your waste than into a wide mouthed pot to later shed ourdoors.

                          Hey, when you gotta go, ya gotta go. Toilets hold, as long as the water is flowing....

                                Your car in the Sub Zero's.

                                 Best defense, and unlike the Cleveland browns is a good offense. When the temps go below zero, and your car is parked in an open driveway, city street, workplace setting,  go to your vehicle every two to three hours and fire it up for about ten to twenty minutes to rejuvenate the battery. Yes, I bloody well know this will cause an inconvenience in your life,  but it might just keep your ferry safe enough to to take you where you need to go.  If you are like so many replaceable lives in the United States Economy right now, you know what I mean. Y0u call off, you DO NOT PASS GO and are fucked  into dismal worlds of faltering, though growing ranks of those unemployed across this  our nation become mere statistics.  Powers that be dismissing them as those unwilling to work eventhough their jobs have been stripped  from them as plainly as one would swipe at a fly at a sunny outdoor luncheon.

                    Yes. In all honesty. Many of  these lost-world emp-loyees were given another chance to keep their jobs. All they had to do was denounce their citizenship, leave their friends and move abroad at their expense.

                Well, welcome to the new year.

                 Keep blankets anf quilts in your vehicle....

                 Two human bodies is better than one in a sleeping bag.

                  Dennys restaraunts. They never close.

                   keep each other alive            
                     Mark William Darus