Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reader Comments: The Good, Bad and Truly Ugly

General comments: The Good, Bad and The Fucking Ugly…

And/or: We the People.


Over the last two weeks I’ve received quite a few emails with comments concerning my Blog. These comments, general in subject matter, span a fairly large range of emotions and thoughts. Some quite fiery, some incredibly violent and some just down right depressing.

Some spilt their hearts out while others tossed a nice Word Salad for us to take a bite out of. A few the need to throw religion in it; many did this in a highly unexpected fashion.

More than a few hate my BLOG and had no problems expressing their contempt and loathing completely and whole heartedly. Some were just downright rude (to which I have no problem with this whatsoever. You cannot hurt me, nor can you stop me in my pursuit for further knowledge on the subject of nonviolent Psychopaths.)

I will stand by what I write, regardless of its subject matter, and I really don’t give a shit if you don’t like it.

Admin Note: The comments you are about to read were sent to my email addy. I copied them here and put the email date they were sent. If you follow My BLOG, note those dates versus the corresponding subject dates. On some I put in AN’s <Admin notes with replies>

Enough of my words…



WTF! Your glorifying these assholes! They should all be hurded together and killed! Monsters, every last one of them. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you should warnings to people? Did it ever occur to you that you should tell people what to watch for?

I guess not, pissbrain. Post more victum stories. Maybe then people will learn something.

-Adam. -Billings Montana

<AN: What was my blog title on march 22nd? Was it not: The Warnings? Hurded? You must’ve meant herded, right? 4% of the population of the USA which accounts for just over 12,750,000 people. You must be going after Hitler’s record. Tell me you’re not a psychopath with a thought like that.>




A friend I work with found your blog and showed it to me. I am currently a psych student at UCLA and find your writing and the writers that have contributed to be most enlightening. Your blog is the stuff that textbooks just don’t cover. This blog has helped me get into the thought processes from both sides. They do not teach this material in college. I think this will help be get a better understanding in the world of abnormal psych.

Abigail’s and the Prey’s stories are tremendous in their contents. A lot going on there.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mary, UCLA


Katie’s Prayer gave me an insight I couldn’t have thought possible in the aftermath of tragedy. Forgiveness through the strength and beliefs in a higher power. You ROCK, Katie!

Carrie, not sure exactly if you learned your lesson, but I do believe you have good intentions.

About Deadbeat Parents: published 03/25/2012.

Outstanding viewpoint. I never looked at it that way. My dad left me when I was very young, about 5 years old. I never saw him again and wasted many years crying. I seldom let anyone close to me for fear they would leave me and hurt me.

Mr. Darus, you gave a new twist to the term Deadbeat Parents. You are so right, it only publicly matters when it comes to money, and dare I say, how it stresses the Welfare systems.

About The Warnings: published 03/22/2012.

Sound words and well written. I love the way it begins to complete Psychopathic Relationships I: 03/16/2012. Are you using an outline or are you doing this organic? I sense organic, but it doesn’t truly matter. Without saying so, you are giving the reader guidelines to follow and watch for.

As far as Abigail’s and Catherine’s stories are concerned, they also give lessons to be learned about manippulation. They sound as if they are proud of what and how they did what they did. Psychopaths must be that way for them to be psychopaths… yeah, that sounded dumb…

Mr Mark, love what you do and how you put it. No where do you say if you’re psychiatrist or chologist, but I don’t think you are. If you were, you would not post both sides.

Thank you,

Liz, Collins Iowa




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<AN. The above is Word Salad. This is most common with both Dementia and Schizophrenia. <<<scratching head>>> wonder how they could even read, much less respond to my Blog?>


Walden University. Student

Nice stuff here. Aspects seldom hit on with a unique perspective. Not sure what theory you are trying to prove but I have little doubt you will prove it. You do this without overtly trying, which gives you much credit.

Stay objective in your pursuits, and you have done so.

You give an almost equal balance on the teeter-totter of the mind: the Playground of the darkest recesses of humanity. I will keep watching your blog.

Diane Murphy-***** Walden




Priests! The fuckin’ priests prey on us. A priets got my little brother in the ass. He fucked my baby brother, gave him shit, lured him in with the promise of being an alter boy. My borhter was 9 years old, man! And the church shot this prick to some country where I couldn’t find him. Go figure, when he got there, they couldn’t find him. Oh, I’ll find him…

Our parents on no better. All bad things happen for a reason ******, it’s just gods will.


****** Lancaster Ohio




         Your site is an abomination to God's laws! Everyone that posts or comments will meet God's wrath and bathe in a sea of eternal fire!


       <AN: Uh, then why did you send a comment to me? Care for a swim in the hot tub you mentioned?



Being a CEO at a large American company (cough-cough) that has more plants in Mexico than in the US, I can say that being a psychopath has done nothing but bring great things to my family. I single handedly wasted about 10,000 jobs in a country that believes more in popular athletes and stocks than it does themselves. I so love this country and its guidable and so easily tricked people that so meet me and mine halfway. I’ve convinced people to narc on others for mediocre Lakers tickets. Putz.

I signed pieces of paper as casually as one would eat a bologna sandwich, killing thousands of families futures with a pen stroke. I did it with a smile on my face, pats on the back from chairmen, and got bonus’ in the millions. I so went public and said we had no choice. Good of the company and all.

Within two months of closing US plants, we announced plant openings in Mexico, thus making the stock rise.

MWD, in your Beginnings part, you said something to affect of ‘thought just as lethal, the nonviolent psychopath.’ You are so right and clear. The nonviolent psychopath is far worse. Why go with a gun and shoot up a school when you can wipe out a series school systems with a single signature? And get a multi million dollar bonus for it. You have to love capitalism. Where the guilty become richer and all the commoners think about is Pro Sports teams.

You are so right: They do meet us, usually more than halfway.

Stephen (and you cannot trace this email addy)

Ps. I admire your spirit and enthusiasm! The Captains of Industry remark couldn’t have been said better. If you feel like taking flight, making the big bucks, call me. I have made your blog required reading with my execs.



Sex. It’s all about sex and what men like. All the mens stoires here make me sick. They go after women like me, fuck them and leave them. How can you publish such shit? Those flaunting assholes deserve to have their balls cut off.

Betsy, Cleveland Tennessee


<AN. What male predator stories are you talking about? I have not put them on here yet? Are you psychic? We have Abigail’s and Catherine’s stories so far. Keep the faith though. Give me a chance to post those stories and then write.>




Back to the now.

This is a sampling of the comments I have received. As I went over these, I had to play the music linked below. I sorted them out for this first part of the comments part. This great Jerry Goldsmith music seemed most fitting. Comforting in an eerie way as I went from comment to comment, taking in their thoughts and emotions, reading a paragraph, closing my eyes and seeing what they felt through their words.

What more can I say?

Next Chapter: Psychopathic Relationships Part II. I can make you do anything I want.