Monday, August 13, 2012

Reader Comments III. Across the globe.


                                    From all over the Earth.
                                      Reader comments III.

      Let me start by saying how happy I am with the responses I’ve received since Psychopathy: Another Life switched gears a while back. You have no idea how much I appreciate your words and time for emailing me.
      This means much to me. I have been working on this for just over 5 months now and it is your emails, comments and support and feedback that keep me going.

       Well, on with the words of others from all over on tiny blue ball in the sky.



       Fantastic turn you’ve taken, Mark. I look forward to the sick world you share so freely.
        About Tommy: Directors Cut given 08/02/2012, shall I say: Finale Redux?
        The rethought edited version made me gush from my eyes and caused me to cry YES!
         I have no idea what you were sent, raw intel, whatever. Doesn’t matter, you gave this story a life.
         You weaved a tale most full. Start to finish, Alpha and Omega. The music you used, visuals, smells: You gave the reader total scope of what was going on each step of the progression Tommy walked.

         Tommy? Like we don’t know the stream this name bubbled from. Don’t take me incorrectly, not insulting you in tiniest regards, but the last song in this tale brings it all home to me as I am sure it does others.

            I look forward to all you wish to share.

Tasha from Guam.

                             Mark’s life, <Aug 5 2012>

                Football, baseball and Frisbee things expressed by you hit me. Video games in our world take many away from things physical shared.
            I have read enough about America that I am glad my children will never see its shores. My children are content with things given them. Simple hand made toys, eating together, watching them play hide and seek. I have seen enough crap from YouTube of friends setting up those they call friends to know your country is massively twisted in priorities. How the children raised.
              Having read enough of your words, I do believe this story ended the way it did.
         Credit to you, Mark.

Sig Haugen from Norway.


                            Hello Psychopathy Another Life!

            Writings of Ryn pushes me to look at myself with brighter light. Once dying of cancer my Lord cured me froms, Identity Crisis to living Toys from man of small standing when sun shined on him to be noticed a werewolf.
         Ryn and Mark, thanks to you.

Emily of Laos. I was stupid and am now living here after marrying a bad man.


             Mark, you write what you write.
       You cannot tell any of us that you are not this new comer named Mark S. Kourge.
           Pen name? Sweetest of hearts, we understand this if it true.
             I comment on the 69 entries posted so wholly.
              From Intro to now, you express things not popular in any audience but that of the cinema or books.
             Friends and I loved your work: Three words given to me, 16/07/2012.
            Your giving a snapping turtle a valid place in this life, God inspired/controlled by God. Seeing this in gifted being a child of God, you see things imagined few take the time to waste.

           You are this song, Stardust by Crosby, Young, Nash and Stills.

           Given much of yourself,
             Happy reader with friends,

Hanna. Iceland.


        Yeah, bleed the freak, cunt! My sis killed herself because of crap you right. She killered herself like four yearss again. I hope t find you and wasste you. You gone tow far. I hait you, btich!

Charlie, Chicago Illinois USA.


               Love the photographs new on blog! Sets mood higher. You do good, Mrak!


Selina, proud child of South Africa.


              Thank you for sharing me recent events that hit your life, Mark.
               Knowing It:
                 Love the grasshopper on Knowing It: part one. Hoping best for you and your thinking on this, you will be okay. Do as God tells you to. Hitting so many Nations words alone, pen, perhaps grander than sword. You know this things, less you would be frightened and stop. Not you and write.
             Mark, you hold me like some tiny dancer. Ever hear Elton Johns Tiny Dancer.
         This is you.

           Hopes for you,

Bae, North Korea


            Fuck, man! You rock and slash! Take no prisoners.
           Sweet to see some believe in our failing Constitution of free speech as Homeland smacktards squelch most!
           Keep that ass of yours spilling thoughts, bro!

Sracey, Bedford Hts Ohio, USA.


           Taking your blog in its entirety I can express this. You have gifts. Reading you for months now, watching you delight in posting photographs to your words, amazingness place. Mark, pleased you should feel on this.
              I have no favourite post entry of you. All you express is fine and good.
Ulfa, daughter of Iceland.


This one was sent to by Audrey. It appears as a comment on 60 Countries Visitors.

           Dear Mark

          Thank you very much for the lovely reading you are sharing with us. It is very lovely reading and keep on sharing as you are doing very good work.
Congratulations on having so many readers from around the world as this shows that your work is appreciated.

         Take carer and keep safe

Authors Note: No, Audrey, it is I that thank you!

Authors Note: Thank you!

-Mark William Darus 08122012