Monday, December 9, 2013

Sorry for phoning it in these last few months.

                                                           Phoning it in....
                                                   by Mark William Darus

                         Sorry that certain circumstances got out of my control when it has come to this blog.

                          I cannot say it has risen from a result of creativity or my ability to notice things.

                        I can say it has come from my lack of paying attention to many aspects of my life I simply found to be mundane and lacking of interest. This being the paying of bills and such.

                       I write this via a laptop while using my great neighbors internet connection as I currently have no electricity in my home. Many thanks to Dave T for this. He didn't have to do this, but am profoundly grateful he did. Thru  a vast lack of maintenance in my backyard this past summer, via the smell of dog shit, I caused him much grief. I am sorry for this as there truly is no excuse worthy.

                      Here's  what has caught me the last few months. I give you these thoughts in the broadest of strokes:

                       The affordable care act: ObamaCare and it's 2700 pages of complete bullshit. Millions of Americans that had good coverage have been sent UP-Yours letters from their current insurance carriers because as their coverage stands, it does not conform to this new Federal Mandate. Obama was warned about this back in 2010, so who knows where the disconnect occurred.

                     Yeah, like any health insurance that covers birth control or abortions would ever be sanctioned by the Catholic Church, Christian based companies like Hobby Lobby or Chik-fil-a would even remotely entertain that prospect.

                      In, short.As if American Health care wasn't fucked up to begin, it has only gotten worse.

                      What else is there meaningful to write about? Think about?

                      How about the guy that blew up the front of a post office and turned himself into the police before it was even reported? Surely,  and I will post a link to this is good.

                      NELSON Mandela's passing hit hard. I will write about this when I can as this caught me harder than the passing of Actor Paul Walker.  Nelsons going onward left me speechless. This Man did so much in raising South Africa, if not our Blue Marbles awareness to the simplest of human rights. It was through him I stopped buying BP gasoline (brittish petroleoum) in the USA due to their stance on appartied. sp?

                     I heard this last week about China mining the moon via drones. I thought this provoking in reference to Helium 3 and/or Hydrogen 3. I took this in as I remember NASA was going to send men back to moon. NASA planned it, spent billions of American bucks on it then suddenly pulled then plug on just a few years ago. If we got men to the moon over 30 years ago, why would it be so hard to do it now with our amazing advanced computer skills, CNC machining capabilities and simple advances in the various sciences needed to do this?
                      I received this info from old school shit my mother taught me to embrace: AM  radio talk shows. From there, I did some reading. I ask you to do the same.

                        I ask you to have patience with me. Learning a laptop with WinBlows 8 is a bit tough.

                       Keep yourselves alive. Read and question everything your government feeds you with. Remember always: The freer you are given, the more you must question.