Thursday, August 22, 2013

Antoinette Tuff: Facing down the barrel of a cold .45

                           Antoinette Tuff: Facing down the barrel of a cold .45.

                                        by Mark William Darus.

                  Georgia Spree/Thrill Killing diverted by inspired thinking.


                 (okay, so this vid goes into commercials. Sorry. Will try to correct with others presented.)

                    How amazing was she, looking death in the face by an agitated 20 year old male American totting guns and a backpack of endless rounds of ammunition? He told her how he wanted to waste the lives of Police officers. She listened and spoke to him.

                   And this man, (and why does the American Media refer to him as a kid at twenty years old? )     did not stroll into an a high school or a college wishing to eliminate those that looked down on high via peer pressure, wishing to get even with "the Haters." This man strolled into an elementary school, and I believe this to by my opinion alone, was to eliminate the Next Generation of clique classifiers to prevent events that went unknown to others in his life: To kill those that could cause pain as he grew up and went sideways from  what is considered normal thinking and living. Perhaps even creating it within him as he took it a step further for retribution.

                    All interviewed thus far said he was an average person. No history of violence. No police record.

                    Seeing a trend?

                    Seriously?  You don't? (I hope most of my readers probably see something going on here.)

                    Is it so hard to think without IPODS, Androids?

                    Do you remember using your own mind to make connective reasoning? Base problem solving on a human level. Wanting to ridicule someone and stopping just before you did?

                    I want to believe most of my readers do.

                   Take a walk with me:


                    Amish country School slayings: Ohio

                    Colorado Theatre Killings at a Batman Movie. And I love this investigation as they still have no prime motive for this.

                     Others lesser known:

                     DC Sniper. We're told they caught him. I don't believe they did. I do believe a bargain was made for the collective good of paranoid society.

                      Chardon Ohio School shootings: Ironically, the beginning of Psychopathy Another Life.

                      Connections: The Colorado movie killer, DC Sniper, Chardon kid trasher and Georgia (non-killer, and that sounds so absurd, but good, right?) have many things in common: They all seemed "normal", "friendly and Kind."

                      None ever thought them to be homicidal maniacs. No one close to these people thought them capable of crossing what is considered to  be the terminator between normal people and just plain killers.  Insanity.

                      I think I know why this is, and I  attempt, with this blog, to show,  nearly justify it this as the base thoughts of animalistic behavior in humanity. No longer simple predators for survival. Formerly called  Hunter/Gatherers, simply to feed and sustain family, we gained other areas.

We want, wish, in our 'basic instincts' to crush those that hurt us instead of just eat them. We wish to feel a sense of control over those under us before we devour them, make them hurt, breeding depression.

                      Imagine Ms. Tuff lot this day.

                       Another day in a hallway known so well to her.  Granted, this is yet another school year beginning to her and little doubt she is not enthusiastic.

                       Greeting our children as they enter her school ( and yes, I know damned well this is not the same children you and I know personally. But does that really matter? )

                      Smiling students crossing her over polished tiled flooring: Some saying hi in response to her gesture of "good morning!"

                      Her hoping for each child a great new time of education.

                      Blond future anorexics, husky brunette male jocks, international first born Americans knowing many cultures, possible Astronauts, Crop Farmers, or the greater possibility: The Greater Nation of the Unemployed.

                     She greets all evenly, openly, equally.

                    And she approaches a man with fire arms.

                   Let's be honest here.

                   How cool is this to pump up the adrenaline to make your life mean something and make an impression on others?

                    My personal belief is this: Antoinette Tuff does not "think outside the box." I think this has no 'box' to be held in.  It is this, from either her faith or humanitarian beliefs that makes her different than most.

                   Our Earth needs more people like her.

                   She approached a gun displaying person.

                   Wishing to die or merely her belief in faith?

                    Great Fucking Job!

                    My opinion: You deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor. You so freely displayed uncommon valor, strength under potential fire and were amazingly willing to protect those under your care.

                    I think many of us should consider sending letters to political officials making this great woman of our time a recipient of this Medal.

                  Woman of the Year to say the least.

             Mark William Darus 08222013