Monday, August 19, 2013

H7N9: My Start on this.


                                                        H7N9. Part I
                                                by Mark William Darus

Dr. Chin awoke suddenly from a sound sleep. She felt coldness entomb her as she fought for consciousness. Her place in Hong Kong, a mega story structure.

Her sheets drenched as her pores spewed themselves freely.

Taking inventory, her dark brown eyes opened swiftly, her head bathed in wet black hair rises from a pillow. Looking to her right she sees a movie poster, Vertigo. To it’s left her eyes catch on the painting of a serene field of corn stalks and crisp meadows leading to her hallway.

The hallway going toward her bathroom.

I’m going to puke, shit!

Fuck, hold it back! Hold it b-back.

Her tiny nude form stops about 20 feet from her toilet. Doubling over in pain striking her swiftly like a knifing to the gut, , she vomits on herself as her chin connects below the neck line. Covering her small breasts, stomach and legs with her stomachs rejections, eyes wide in confusion.

She hit’s the floor like a sack of cow manure as she passes out.


Other places. Other things occurring.

“Abby, OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Eddie cries as he releases himself into his wife’s vagina. Abby looks at her man, her eyes locked on his as he goes rigid, smashing final thrust into her, yet pulsating onward. Smiling at him, loving him connected in her, she gasps, “I love you, Eddie. All m’heart, darling!”

Smile turning to distress, Eddie begins to cough. Taking his right hand to cover his mouth, his body falls on Abby clipping her left shoulder with his heavy right with a subdued thud as weight meets flesh stoping quickly.

“Eddie, are you okay?” Abby asks in a voice fulfilled yet wondering.

Eddie’s body lay prone across her. Lifeless.

“Eddie!” she cries…


Scenes from a nights dream…


High Desert Facility: USA, Nevada.


“Contain 6 to 11.” a woman said with a thick, low tone. “Inject 3 point 7 235 to it, please.” An average height blond stands, white lab coat covering sexual features, obscuring them. “Did you inject?”

“Yes, of course we did!” an annoyed drone said to his highness.

“AND?” Dr. Phillips inquired harshly. “I want results! DO YOU HEAR ME? RESULTS!?!”

“Yes, Comrade, we’re w-”

“Don’t you ever say Comrade again or I will have you killed! You understand? What country are we in now?” Her voice as sharp as a straight razor.

“Sorry, Major. We are working for the United States Government. Uh, we’re, how do they say? Bro’s,” Ivor said weakly like a child in a foreign land.

“Yes, Bro’s will work with correspondance in an affirmative.”


“The virus is mutating quickly, Com, errr, Bro!”

“Very nice, have your crew take break for coffee,” her voiced coldy trailed off down echos of bleak endless hallways.

by MWD, 08192013 part I,