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Take a resignation or see 3 others get fired in your place. Psychopathic?

                           My Sacrifice. Welcome to the New World.

                               By Mark William Darus.


So, you arrive at work and get asked to attend a meeting by your boss with the higher ups in the company within a minute of you clocking in. You, living in day-to-day mode, you react with this curve ball tossed at you. You nod to your boss, they acknowledge.

The smells of coffee brewing hits your nose different this day walking past cubicles changing over time from changing venues as your company traveled toward cheaper rent.

Your eyes seem to capture each and every step your footfalls connect with familiar carpet.

You feel yourself on autopilot and as if walking in some dream.

Trying to gain your bearings as you were headed off before you could even place your meager lunch into the tiny break room fridge. Daily balance impeded. Headed off at the pass.


“Hey, Emily! How ya doing?” a coworker asks her with a Friday face, full smiling.

Emily fakes a smile to Phoebe frightened by her boss abrupt approach. “Not sure, hon. Will let ya know/”

Phoebe glances to Emily’s back, seeing lay-offs arising in her company, wondering what Emily knows.

Mind shredding backward over beyond 15 years memories with this company taking far and beyond a third of that time in her life with overtime and non paid wishing to produce sincerely. As a Manager here, wondering how far out of the loop was she.


3 minutes before she knew her meeting would be tardy before her manager. Apprehensively checking her cell phone for calls or text messages missed by her and find none.

Placing a lunch into a fridge she’d not see hours much later. Doing so, Emily’s mind taking shit in causing her to take a step outside herself. She thought of her god, her husband, children. Her mind thinking of other areas as her lack of cash flow would affect her gardens and plants.


“Damn,Emily, what do you think of the downturn?” Serinia asks plainly with excited tone.

2 minutes.

I’m going to get fired. Damn instincts anyway! Emily thinks as her mind tosses things about.

1 minute before the meeting.

Emily walks to a bathroom. Pulling down tight fitting pants, she bends down on a self-cleansed seat to relieve herself. Urine passes freely, she sighs vocally, and dots place themselves on her panties from droplets.


T-Minus 9 seconds and counting.

Emily strolled into the meeting knowing she was going to get an axe placed in her head.


“Nice to see, Emily,” her companies president said to her. “Please take a seat and bagel and coffee, “ he said jovialy with the plastic of smiles hiding eyes behind dark glasses.


Emily sits, thanking for the offerings and declining them with a tone strong and confident. She brought her own Krusty Kreem glazed donut and her own cup of java.


“we have a situation you can perhaps be willing to help us with, Emily,” the company president Wesker, says freely, excitedly and coldly.

Emily asks: “What is this, sir?”

“well, we have to cut the budget you understand. We told our stock holders we’d have an 8.79 growth this year and we only hit 8.75. We have to cut on the back end to reach that profit margain. I’m sure you’ll understand.”

Taking a bite into a glazed donut and swallowing it with a huge gulp of coffee, Emily;s mind ran.

“What do wish of me?” tossing it all out there.


“Emily, your place in this companies history has made great things occur. Through your tutiledge, inspiration and sheer energy we’re wishing to give you a great option.” Wesker added with tone so sickly sacharin.

“ You’re going to fire me, right?!”


“my dear, no! We don’t wish to terminate you. We merely are asking you to cut three subordinates jobs for you to keep your placement with us.”


Emilies mental screen goes blank.



Taking ground before her.


Her eyes wide open.



“Fuck you, no=thanks, ass” Emily said, never raising her voice, adding: “Fire me! I will not give up others up to keep me to save my own tail!"

Smirking lips set with an all-too confident cock to his head,  eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses he never removed.  Wesker tells her, "Very well, dearest. You WILL resign or we will smear your reputation. Amazing what CGI can do to a persons marriage."




She looks at the board, smiles and tells them an extremely simple point of life.


“DO YOU NOT THINK WE KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN GO TO SCHOOL? Know the stretches you try to hide and as you fuck others you and try to hide from them your spouses. "


                   Emily stops for a moment


As a woman told her bossess “fuck you, you won’t fire me and I won't let you fire others in my name."


Want to play games.

As they cut her from a board within 12 hours 5 children, 8 grand kids and about 8 mistresses went missing.



Emily said: welcome to my world.

Welcome to the New World.




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