Thursday, April 18, 2013

...and yes, there will be more...

                  Sunrise: Solon Ohio, USA after a twelve hour work day/nite/morn.
                   I'd like to thank those of you that kept visiting while I was offline. It was an amazing two weeks away.

                   Over the next few days I plan on writing my thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombing, an explosion at Texas, USA factory and some things learned on a road that had no electricity.

                    I hope these photos can hold you til then.


Lakefarm park: Ohio USA



I cannot wait to share with you what I've gained in the past two weeks. Two weeks without electricity and heat. Going to a gym after 10-12 hours of manual labor and benefits that arose from that. From a purely physical aspect: I'm developing a six-pack instead of ingesting them. that's pretty cool.
Hmm, what of Boston?
We'll see.
Thank you once again.
Mark William Darus 04182013