Saturday, April 20, 2013

54 hour work week and 6 hours to go... "I've missed you," she spoke, her words embrasing me, hands guiding me her body.

             I cannot wait for the time to let my mind run wild once again. So much stored and needing release. So much has happened, rightfully deserving my minds focus and abilities.

            Marathon bombings, Texas explosion leading to more homegrown wastings as four people were found dead in a basement, all shot in the back of the head gangland style.

            It would seem I came back at the right time...

            I glance over my right shoulder.

            She is there, a mere arms length away, smiling peacefully at me.

             "not long away, my lover. It's time for you to close your eyes and be with me for a while." Her voice, so soothing. She reaches for me.

              Til later today, my friends.

Mark William Darus 074202013