Friday, March 29, 2013

Going to be offline for a while. Sorry.


      I'm going to be offline for a while. I am sorry for this. Recent events will have me unable to post here. That's okay, as other matters are pressing me at this time.
           I wish I could tell you what is going on. All  I can say is I am losing weight at an uncontrollable rate while eating over 9000 calories a day.
           I know I do not have AIDS or HIV.
           My blood work is borderline toward other areas of illness.

            So what?

            Cancer? That would be the likely suspect.

            Let's face it, cancer is boring. It's treatment beyond painful. How many of us hasn't been anti-graced with its tales? Sure, one could argue: no pain No gain. I personally have known of only one miracle of remission, that being a woman named Anne, diagnosed with a year or two to live over 35 years ago. I think it was ovarian cancer, which I guess I can rule out.

            I think I'll take each day as is comes and try to do what I do.

            What is it I do?

             I know where my narcissistic view of myself would point me through the scope of a keen sniper...
"you can fight that! Hell, I haven't seen a nut in months..."

              I will continue to take Photographs, make insane observations/connections, and still love pissing people off with what I believe to be the truth.

             Though I have been known to be a craft-beer-drunk, most have known me to be just some asshole that had no clue as to what was appropriate or correct. I'd just say what I thought or do as I did. (in all honesty, well as honest as a pathological liar can be that is.) Sorry, but I always knew when I was being sick, disgusting and seriously blunt with my thoughts. I simply didn't care what you thought at the time. When people thought I was quick witted after something someone said, intelligent even,  I somehow knew where they were going and had a witty retort, remark in place before their final breath left their face. To most, this made me a humerous person to be around. Oddly, I can count the handfuls of laughs that hit me truly funny, and most of them were solidly based in the ironic areas of accidents others tragedies that hit others lives.

            I am an animal. Go figure, we're all animals. The human (Hooman) race is nothing but a grouping of wholes, both small and large, like a Dr Seuss story, of the haves and have nots. Attempting to pack up like a den of wolves, yet failing as self indulgence takes hold derailing it swiftly.

            I'm so very hungry.

           When you stroll into a Speedway wanting either gas, Tornado, or coffee, I'm seeking something else.

            Don't get me wrong: I love my job and my place in life, but I am still very hungry.

            I find it funny as I write this. There is only one person that knows about this hunger and she is so far away from me...

           Know this about Nonviolent Psychopaths: like vampires, their cravings reach a fever pitch, which brings them to hunt. Reaching a point of starvation to numb their desires, diving earthward with eyes and fangs full thrust, aiming.
I need space.



            What I'd like for all of you to learn is this: As long as your mind still works, as long as your eyes still see, ears still hear, skin still feels the kiss of cold or warm air running over it like a lovers touch: FEEL and let yourself FEEL!

            I'll write more when I know more.
Am I breathing underwater...
If you think of me, think of this theme song from the TV show House.
Band: Massive Attack. Vocals by the amazingly gifted Elizabeth Frasier (Cocteau Twins).

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