Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soul Death: Self Inflicted Mind Cancer?

                        Soul Death: Self Inflicted Mind Cancer?
                                      By Mark William Darus.

Samantha played guitar and sang. Her eyes aglow, body writhing rhythmically from the music she alone created. All eyes on her, waiting for more…

Yet for some unknown reason, she stopped, years later, and has never gone back.

Her eyes now more resemble some all-too-captive zoo-cat in a not-too-bad-off cave. Living, yet not alive…

“owwww, this is gonna be great!” Pete says to his friends as the countdown hits ‘0’. As his seriously oversized backyard Estes rocket ascends, it’s precious payload of one pound of pure dog shit onboard, blasts to the sky! When it hit 2000 feet, a huge explosion ensued, vaporizing the craft and its cargo. He laughed as he said: “I told ya I’d make them all shithead, didn’t I?” To those down-wind, this was true.

He now sits and wonders why he is bored as an accountant.

What is Soul Death?

Sure, most of us experience forms of this as we go through our lives, often reaching for tangible gains while our inner voices tell us differently.

On this I ask you, dear readers, what is soul death to you?

Is it the turning away from our passions that create this?

The endless beating down from others and their jealously of a talent they have no clue about?

That at one point in our lives we were open to the infinite, cast off all sense of how those view us and just went for it, balls to the wall, with life and energy?

I believe it is from following things that make no logical sense to anyone but ourselves that we keep ourselves growing and expressing things others wished they could. It is from this we stay young in spirit and continuously learn and grow.

"If you let your mind fall asleep, like water in a still pond, do you not grow stagnent and eventually infected?" -mark w. darus

What are your thoughts? I'd be happy to place them here or not, your choice and please say which. thanks.

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