Friday, February 8, 2013

Intro to Prostitution: Many Forms Bringing Varied Results.

               Intro to Prostitution: Many Forms Bringing Varied Results.
                                       By Mark William Darus.

        Sundays completed entry has been on my mind for quite a while now, perhaps decades in duration. It has taken me some time to collect my thoughts on this subject. I wished to give it the attention it deserves and the time it took to write it out to the fullest of my ability.

       I believe my thoughts on this subject go beyond the traditional, so-called, rational way of viewing a type of ‘work’ that has been around since the dawn of mankind itself.

       As I was writing this coming Sundays entry, I felt as if I was being magnetically pulled, drawn like a moth to the light of an open flame. While I wrote other Psychopathy: Another Life entries, the subject of prostitution never left my mind and more often than not, nagged at me like a dutiful spouse either wanting the trash taken out after the sixth day of trying or the piled clean laundry sorted and stowed away.

      Tomorrows entry: Prostitution: Many Forms Bringing Varied Results is the compilation of many seasons of research in the field that took me to the dank and gloomy alleys of Cleveland Ohio USA, (which sounds more sensational than it really is as I live next to such an alley,) to the brightly lit and highly elegant 4-5 star hotels not far from me and many a fantastic stop in-between.

      In this journey of such a long-standing trade, I was given, either freely or for a few bucks, and chance to talk to its rank-and-file hourly workers, their handlers (Pimps), the OnCall-services they use, various Police officers from a tri-city radius, hotel/motel clerks, as well as many others including pastors, priests and atheists.

       I thank you for your patience since my last post and am delighted by your continued reading. I’ve been most busy lately between happily working 50 plus hours a week, shooting photos and doing what I believe I do best, being myself and loving it.

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