Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cleveland Ohio, USA: Home of bipolar weather.

                        The bipolar weather of Northeastern Ohio.
                                 by Mark William Darus.

                         You have to love the winds of change if you've stayed in Cleveland Ohio for more than twenty years. Twenty, thirty even forty degree temperature changes are not abnormal here.

                           This was just two days ago: The Temp sat at about 18 degrees F.
And here was yesterday: 65 plus degrees F. Snow, nowhere to be seen.
Spin-out, roll-over. Somebody had a real bad day.

There's always something cool about a place called The Beach Club with a frosty overhang!
                                                    The Beach Club (bleach club?) against a very frozen Conneaut Lake, PA USA. 2013.

                            There is now snow to be found now. Less than 48 hours has changed all that.

                           People are like the weather. There are few consistencies as we live in the here and now.

                           I've learned patience with the weather being a lifetime resident here. I've found the same patience with people over the decades.
                           At least now I don't have to fake appologies for shit I had nothing to do with for an income.

                            Maybe there's a correlation there???

Mark William Darus 01302013