Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings

                                   Second shooting spree of the week!
                                      There is no longer any safe place.
                                        Our youngest get gunned down.
                                             by Mark William Darus


We’ve seen high school shootings. They’ve become most common place here from small town America. We’re had a history of the Bell-Tower kids on college campus’ that sniped at and killed others from the God-spot of higher ground. Hell, we even had a nut that backed up his rusting pick-up to a school of Amish kids and gunned them down. Amish kids, lambs to a slaughter.

Well, if those weren’t the makings of movies, this latest will surely be.

Son of kindergarten teacher kills not only mother but some of her students and others. Total kill count: 28 including the shooter, though I really don’t his death should count.


They guy killed a bunch of elementary school kids.

Okay, think about this…

You are walking a hallway, you and somewhere between 7 and 11 years old. You’re talking about upcoming xmas, video games, nasty homework and some asshole starts firing at you.

You see your friend get hit, blood splashes around and sprays over you. Stunned, you either duck, run or try to hide.

Even at that age, you instinctively know fear if you haven’t already learned that from video games.

At that age, you cannot tell the difference between male and female screaming as puberty is a tad down the road. That is, if they survive this span of minutes in time that will affect them for years/decades to come and most probably bankrupt their parents from the cost of psychotherapy here in the United States.

Imagine your child, nephew, friends kid:

“and I hope I get the Project Runway Barbie and…”

“Why’d she have to ask us to write a paper on Sherman over break? I’m gonna cut and paste…”

“My dad said he’d take us to Vermont to ski! I can’t wait…”

“I need to tell santa I want my moms cancer to go away..”

And bodies hit the floor, stopping all words spoken sharply.

The stench of iron fills a hallway and hot metal vaporizes blood as it passing through tiny flesh.

A blink of an eye passing, and peoples children are now dead and injured. Writhing heaps of small bodies in agony thrash about one tiled floors. The sounds of crying after moments of agonizing silence fills the air, echoing off steel lockers.

There are children under the age of 12 on the floor. Their blood creating rivers upon shiny floor as their hearts begin to stop pumping. As they fail and die. Innocently they walked this Earth. Innocently they passed.


At this point I could so speak of the Innocent dead of wars that rage eternal across our so ‘enlightened’ planet, yet on this I won’t.

This killing spree was not the result of any religious, political or war over oil rights.

I think this was the case:

The sad pussbag Lanza, will be found to have issues of a psychological nature. I think we’ll hear people saying things like: He always said his mom had more to say about her students than him…” I am so tempted to play, Stings Be still my beating heart as I write this, but I will not. “All she talked about was her kids and shit, man. It’s like he didn’t even exist to her…”

I’m listening to Los Lobos: One Time, One night. <it’s better fitting, I’ll share the link.>


Bottom line: More people are dead in my country, and these are tiny children.

The United States of America spends more money worried about outside threats than the internal ones that fill our land every day of the every damn week.

I’m sure your tired of numbers, but I really don’t care.

Pearl Harbor: death count: 2,402

911 death count: 2996

Granted, the American Civil War had single dally kill rates much higher than that…

Antietam: 3650 dead

Gettysburg: 7058 dead (day three)

If you consider this: The American Civil War in just two battles totaled way beyond any foreign enemy total kill count. Hell, our civil war killed more people than all the wars this country has fought combined. Over 500,000 Americans died on their own soil for their beliefs.


As you read my words, perhaps absorb my thoughts, I have to believe you have a mind that thinks. I do not care if you laugh at what I say or not.

I think my country still feels some need to kill for no reason other than it can. Our budget is defense based: If we can’t find an enemy to thrust against, how can we justify our budget? It must’ve hit these men of power hard when Russia killed the Cold War.

We just shifted gears, heading to the Mid-East. Sacrifices our children for oil?

Cool. And it is cool. We let it happen. Each and everyone of us.

I ask again as I have a few times on this Blog: When was the last time the American people ever voted for war?

Are we so ignorant one cannot vote on a subject that sends our people to battle and perhaps die? Are we so ill educated we cannot make an informed decision? >and if that is the case, why did this country fail to educate us on this?<

Are we little more than mindless, thoughtless babies to those elected by the people. I find it hilarious on this: They trusted the peoples judgment to elect a leader, yet won’t give us any power over the conflicts we enter into and those we )and I say we because whether you vote or not, if you work and pay taxes, you are funding the killing machine. I have never voted as I know it doesn’t matter in the big picture. I pay taxes when working though. I know more of my money goes toward human destruction than preservation and growth. Yeah, if you work, we’re all guilty. Guess that gives us a right to bitch and be pissed off.>

At this point I could say I am sorry to friends and family over my thoughts. Can’t do it though. I am not saying those that died for the United States died in vain or anything like that. I do believe the foot soldiers, Marines, Air Force and Army did as they were ordered. They preformed bravely and many died. I can’t imagine the horror of flying in a Bell copter and seeing your best friends faces exploding before me. Can you? Have you?

But when did their families and friends: Americans all have any say in their outcomes?

Strongest country on the planet?

Be serious here….


If that were true, why do we have to buy our friends in other countries? We fund them with guns that always seem to get turned against us. I guess that has a simple answer: a few men here make big bucks in arms companies and make a fortune via research and development and shipment of weapons. In my country, it’s all about making cash, coin, gold, profit. No one is responsible, no one person is to blame.

It is an amazing colored Disneyland of putrefied death and destruction with total ‘plausible deniability’ cascading over the



26-28 people died on my soil today. Okay, not on my front lawn as it occurred a few states away from me.

On average 46 people are killed every day here in America from violent crimes.

What’s another 26-28, right?

Add to this the 3 death count from earlier this week.

Wow, 31 on killings in media attention.

Uh, 46 a day….

I believe I can globally say the world is sorry for the deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Having readers from over 68 countries I believe this to be accurate.

I think this trend of school killing massacres will only exhilarate massively here.


“Americans Love a winner. What Americans can’t stand is a loser! No one gives a hoot and hollar over who placed second. The mere thought of losing is hurtful to Americans…”

-Gen George S. Patton. (besides William T. Sherman and Stonewall Jackson, I believed him to be one of the best generals this country spawned. The best general here was Robert E. Lee.)

I think the death bell will ring louder and higher reaching.

Sometime, the major cities in the United States will face this media event.


I still find it odd this happens in more less populated areas than major ones.


We all know metal detectors fail with most school systems… It’s with these nationwide failings that brings higher awareness for better metal detectors and the need for more funding. This funding never seeming to hit this area as others get raises that weren’t listed in the agenda.


Ask me and send me an email as to why I don’t vote on anything.

I stray, once again as I so often do on the subject of moronic death.

28 people died today. They didn’t die from a terrorist attack or a smart bomb. They just got snuffed cold by yet another American Lunatic on a mission.

I am currently listening to Stone Temple Pilots: Conversations Kill.

On that note I will end this.

I light another L&M Red, music blasting and I want to dance with someone now. I want more. Perhaps after writing like I do, expressing such, human arms around me would be good. Guess I’m lucky. Hookers around here only charge two dollars for 15 minutes of hug time.


How cool is that??? You get what you need without annoying questions.

How many school kids are going to get gunned down in the next three weeks?

Jewish schools don’t have the same breaks Christian schools do.

Are they next?

I don’t think so. I believe their security would never let this happen.

I hope to Moses, I’m right on this.

If I’m wrong, I’ll write about it.


In the last week there have been at least 355 killed violently in


Next week, not sure, but the trend is going upward.


Keep your spirit alive!!!!!


Mark William Darus 20152012