Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another week coming: Who will make further deaths?

Another week coming in America. My Presidents speech and my thoughts.

By Mark William Darus.



Like that was a real threat at all. Back in Y2K didn’t people scramble about? Hun, Christ my god, hon, let’s get the back up gennie from Home Depot running!


“Fuck, Brah! I ain’t walkin twenty seven stories to get home again. I’m a doctor, I’ll find a place to sleep when power goes out…”


I believe that no matter what our elected leaders most recent speech conveyed did little more than place a bandaide over a shotgun wound. Let’s face it, how could he provide little else?


How does one speak about areas they and their staff our so unfamiliar with they could hope make any sense of? I almost hate to say this this way: But they don’t live here and see the shit that happens everyday in the hoods that cris-cross America.

Obama did speak words about this. Thank your higher power he did! He acknowledged there is no easy way to solve such an issue.

No shit!

When you break it down to its simplest form: Mass Killings is way easier than say: Find another job, gain entrance to a better school, get beyond a drug test, and find a way to waste people for little further reason than we can.


Let’s take a look a mass killings, shall we?


How truly hard is it for someone to commit an act of homicidal mania on a mass scale?


Not hard to accomplish.

Born and raised in downtown Cleveland Ohio, I could see hundreds of ways mass killers could jump out and trash lives. If this could be done in Cleveland, tell me where higher populations like New York City, Boston, Los Angeles this somehow does not occur?

I cannot remember what movie this line came from, but it did: ‘A thousand throats can be but by a missioner man with a knife.


How real is this kind of fear here?

When my GF, her son and I left a good store, the cashier bid us a peaceful journey to our car….. A peaceful walk to our conveyance? I wanted to kill this woman! She held firey red hair and svelt in frame. I told those with me I nneded to pee, and walked back. I met her eyes. It is so seldom I meet another like myself.

I endeavored to her” “ Are you at all?”

“like you? I smelled you. Nice to meet you.”


Perhaps in order to fight internal terrorism, one must do as I have for decades.


Think like a terrorist and how to kill to make a point.

Back in the late 1970’s I learned how to make weight based detonators using simple Aurora or Tyco slot car tracks to deliver death and destruction.

If you want to stop school killings, you must think like them.


I think I can do this.


What more do people need to read?


I can do this:\\


I hate my mother, father, sneaky uncle.

I want them dead.


My kindergarten teacher saw me pee. According to mom and dad, I’ve been scared for life by this…

My sitter caught me. I had my hand on my penis looking at National Geographic. She yelled at me and my penis went soft.


Back when I was young, I learned how to make both large bombs and detonators. Christ knows, there have been plenty of areas of personal life I could have applied this to and didn’t. I read a book, that like psychology books, changed my life forever.


How disgusting my was my childhood? I knew how to kill someone without annihilating his family. Even in the late seventies, I could waste a father without nailing his kids and wife/girlfriends.


Late seventies. I was what? 14-17?


Even back when, we knew how to make bombs, firebombs that would take out hundreds like Dresden, with multiple blasts, we still didn’t do this.




My personal beliefs.

As the United States falters further, we will witness further school slayings and mall disasters.

People die.

And when you really look at it, does it really mean anything at all when it comes to the age of the victims?


Are the dreams of an 8 year old held higher thru expectation than that of a sincerely recovery heorin addict as gunshots….


We are in the strongest of countries on the Planet, aren’t we? Isn’t it this very aspect that makes us sleep better at night?

Those with some sense of conscious think and dream differently.


Mark William Darus 20162012