Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Untreatable? Six months of writing Psychopathy: Another Life.

                              6 Months of writing without stopping.
             Throwing my thoughts out there for all to see and interpret.
      Never knowing who would read them, nor where they would travel.


                                                   Six Months.
                                           by Mark William Darus.


           Psychopathy: Another Life was started on 3 March 2012 on a warmer than normal Saturday afternoon. Visually starting with a solid black background and white standard font lettering. On its first entry I gave a basic definition of psychopathy and how some believed there to be a nonviolent aspect of it that went much further than serial killers, serial rapists, thrill killers and the run of the mill homicidal maniacs that make headlines. Those gifted Psychologists believed, as did I reading through their work , there were elements of historical significance, modern day events and strong beliefs that some nonviolent psychopaths reach areas in society that are not only accepted, but applauded by the masses.

         On the Title Screen I gave a brief explanation and how people could reach me.


          I went on to state theories that I hoped to prove as to why some people do the things they do without guilt, remorse or conscience, inflicting pain in a myriad of forms on others.


          I delved into nonviolent psychopathic areas of childhood, dating, relationships with parents, their schools and early work worlds as they learned to become better predators. Taking a shot at adult sexual and parasitic relationships and how to spot those that would use, abuse and trash lives for their own guiltless gain. Eventually diving into Corporate America, the military as well as some in the medical and psychological professions. I found areas of that I would believe total and complete forms of the type of psychopathy that never hit the mainstream public. In short, areas that never make the 6 or 11 o’clock news, yet their prey get nailed many times in their lives as a result of either falling into their line-of-sight or innocently being employed by them.

         Going to possible factors where nonviolent psychopaths are made to be such. Factors of which upbringing, circumstances such as recurring family illnesses, constant emotional upheaval at young developmental stages and areas where their systematically killing their emotions became more a survival mechanism than born sense to trash and devour others.


        Often playing the Iron Maiden song: Can I Play With Madness via Youtube, I would write about observations I had witnessed over time. I would catch glimmering thoughts in respects as I’d known and those of friends and family that had shared with me. I found myself to looking backward at memories and rethinking them in the here-and-now. Perhaps growing from age, maturity and dare I say, patience, I looked at things from a totally different aspect and more and more things began to make sense to me. I felt the desire to go into those areas further, dig deeper, probe farther and ask more questions of others.

        I was given a diagnosis that went far and beyond the initial bipolar issue I became medicated for. This ’other’ diagnosis is untreatable. Most in the psychological community refuse to treat those like me. These psychological <mind-helpers if you will> professionals, either from personal experience or the knowledge of colleagues passed to them, decline strolling a road descending to remorseless areas of the pure animalistic aspects of humanity where the patient is not behind the safety of iron bar shielded incarceration for killing someone but out and about in the general public.


       In all honesty, I cannot find myself to blame them for their views, fears, or so say the least, them following their animal instinct fears of a predator. They either learn what happens when their swimming abilities fail and they become sucked into a whirlpools vortex and drown, or they don’t. Oddly, perhaps through sheer curiosity or ego, many choose to embrace the world of such psychopaths and lose all perspective as they do not possess the skills learned over years, decades of those they attempt to treat.


        Over weeks and months, P:SA took on different colours and backgrounds. Text fonts changed, and the Pink Floyd-ish The Wall background took form. Having been told back-when the style of font used looked girl-ish and not caring I left it as is.


       Receiving email feedback thrust at me like an unseen freight train on a dark night, its engine lacking a Mars light. I stood on the tracks and was soundly nailed by a sweeping mass of thoughtful and written weight. Launching me in ways not uncomfortable, I went with its flow that has taken me to places I never imagined possible.


        Getting braver and being innocent to this area, I tossed my F-Book name to the P:SA summary. From that event, my F-Book world exploded by readers friending me from other countries. They connected with me through my writing.


        Time passing faster and faster, seasons changing a third time, I learning to place my photographs and music links to entries.


               In conclusion please allow me to say these thoughts:

If current statistics are remotely correct, 4 percent of our population are psychopathic in nature. The biggest segment of that pie chart of that 4 percent are not violent. They are not rapists, pedophiles or homicidal maniacs.

Psychopaths: To act without a sense of guilt, remorse or emotion for the single-minded self gratitude for their desire to get what they can when they can.

There are approximately 330 million people in America. That means over 12-13 million either possess the strong ability to be or are psychopathic.

Imagine that same 4 percent statistic globally.

I firmly believe this can also can be said: What of the impressionable young learning to be psychopathic, this being reinforced by our totally self centered view to attain what we can at all costs. This reinforcement coming from ignorant parents, the mass media or simply corporate America and how we place success by all means necessary over failure.

Untreatable? Can such a thing be so boldly stated in our enlightened age of mental awareness and expansion? Less than a century and a half ago, many died of fever before penicillin was found. Did mankind not find a cure for polio, syphilis, small pox?

Do you mean to tell me there can not be a holistic cure for something that makes up four percent of our population?

I unequivocally state this: I started my study a half a year ago with finding an explanation for what made me as I am. However, from written, vocal and physical encounters with nonviolent psychopaths has lead me to reach this conclusion. My findings being that many of them know no other way of life or have simply forgotten the ability to allow themselves feeling, emotion and consequences others face by their actions.

Based on my limited, though expanding scope, I cannot believe there is no cure for nonviolent psychopathy. I find this totally inconceivable in a day and age where we hand out Social Security Disability checks to the growing number of the under 25 year old set that didn’t even work twelve months in their entire lives.

To the twelve to thirteen million like me that share a single area of life-connection, isn’t it time our voice gets heard? Doesn’t America love minorities? Doesn’t America embrace underdogs?


To you that would proclaim that: Where’d you give up hope with your massive educations and your sense of hope for humanity? What caused you to stop trying? Was it some repressed childhood memory brought back with perverse clarity from treating others in your later years that caused you to jet? Perhaps a sense of self-preservation and your lack of staying the course and holding objectivity in the highest of regards to your patients wellbeing that causes you to think this way?


I do not believe this.

I will continue to fight this thought process.

6 months now, going strong, forward.

Mark William Darus

There is one constant that remains with Psychopathy: Another Life that still lives on from its inception: The want of a steadfast editor. Perhaps one will step forward in earnest the next six months. God knows, I really need an editor.