Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Terminated by Progressive Insurance

                   Where I am now: Let the games begin. Through written
                                          word alone, going Ballistic.

                         Disposable Humans II. Mark William Darus
                  Life since getting terminated from Progressive Insurance.

                     And yes, I request an audience with Peter B. Lewis
                                            by Mark William Darus.



Mark awakens this moon shedding, sun light rising morning as his AC comforts him with its 66 degree temperature as yet another humid Northeastern Ohio day threatens to climb high. He throws the Monet’-type print comforter from his embrace to back of his couch. Again, on autopilot like every single day since his unjust termination some two and a half weeks ago, going through motions of uncertainty, in areas of Lake Erie seas unknown.

Where did Mark place signature to any warning before in ten years of service?

Sure, there were warnings of attendance issues, to which he freely signed, agreeing with their reason of origin.

A mere year and a quarter ago <perhaps off on this figure by a month or two> , at the suggestion from the manager he had then, looked toward FMLA.

The Family Medical Leave Act. The United States government gives job protection to those seeking, medical or psychological leave with documented help for areas that present themselves as life changes present themselves. Without forthcoming knowledge or with, for requesting their leave for immediate family aide by the employee for <those being either children, their spawn being a result of their giving birth to or the result of male impregnating and creating a child/children in need , mother or father, grand parent or siblings of biological nature> or to for the employee.

Be it alcoholism, depression, a family member needing a kidney, a cherished loved one dying of cancer desperately needing immediate physical aid , or the employees self with living and adjusting to meds of either psychological need or physically related, imbalanced in nature with side effects of from either causing issue.

A mere five days before, he received a correspondence by an HR representative about a further possible need for him to file an FMLA claim for the previous week, this being sent to HR by his manager in regards to his absence of several days. He even responded with concern to this via his managers personal <cellphone voice mail>. Her words and it source are recorded. He responded with what was going on with him and how he held a doctors note in regards. When eventually seeing her, he freely shared with her what was going on with him. This event occurring after her lack of physical presence a mere number of days after he made a human error on Monday August Six Two Thousand and Twelve in regards to his time card.

Thinking a single documented case of singular human error should not create such upheaval in a decade of giving to an American Company that they should fire him. Working many a Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial or Labor day he could have shared with his family and receiving emotional, verbal flack from them in that process. Working untold hours of overtime based on Progressive Scheduling need either through their schedule system several days in advance or their ROCCs COBOX top of monitor display asking for such on sudden need. Weighing the pros and cons, against thoughts of time spent with friends and family, Mark did this many times, not for time and a half, but to keep Progressive staffed by his sacrifice of manning phones.

Mind unsettled, memory reeling backward like some eight-track tape replaying prior shards of music as it goes to the next channel. Bumpy, without lack of balance. Stumbling about as some insane Bela Lugosi voice in Glen or Glenda screams: “PULL THE STRINGS! PULL THE STRINGS!”

The aroma of his Eight O’clock coffee meets him firmly. Letting Frodo and Nuq back in. Feeding them as dog food dwindles.

Unemployment denied.

Online: looking as his checking account.

16 dollars left.

Looking back on how so many others of standing were so easily disregarded by Progressive Insurance after grand numbers of years, how so easily they were either terminated or given the option of sizable pay cuts if they stayed,  or pay-offs if they left.

The music stopped suddenly, Mark having no chair to sit on, eliminated.

Like a kite with tether cut...

Mark has nothing to lose.

Mark William Darus August 31 to September 1 2012