Monday, June 4, 2012

To The Visitors, Contributors, and People of this Earth. Thank you!.

       To you, This Not Gentle Planet Earth.


        Where to begin…

        When I started this place: Psychopathy: Another life, I had no idea nor hopes it would ever reach the places it has. Like a tiny snowball descending down some mountain pass. It seems to keep growing as it moves and picks up speed.

        The tiny snowflakes adding to the whole, joining, expanding, reaching out and going further. The people of many lands read and pass to friends, coworkers and family, creating a momentum that surpasses my wildest dreams and imagination in both scope, size and sheer range. I am blown away by this.

        I wish to give thanks to you who have visited the Psychopathy: Another Life I started a mere three months ago today. To the people that have visited, commented, emailed and shared their lives with me. To those that humbled me with phone interviews, where questions ansered with voices and emotions were given freely to me in hopes by them to share and teach others.

       There are far too many of you to name individually, and I wouldn’t based on my anonymity guidelines unless seriously pressed to do so.

       Still, to give honor and thanks, let me do so to the lands you speak proud of with boldness, inner strength and audacity. You do your homelands proud! I list your countries in order of appearance. (or at least I will try to. I have been known to sometimes fail on such details. Humble apologies on my part. )

       I bow to all of you!

       29 Countries in all. So far.

The United States of America





United Kingdom


South Africa





Czech Republic



South Korea







New Zealand








       Thank you so very much!



       In the last week I ventured to two bookstores, searching for more information on the subject of my fascination, Apparently, a subject that others wish to learn about as well. I found nothing in regards to nonviolent psychopaths. I found this odd. I can only think of two professionals that have given any illumination on this land that carries one of the darkest minefields of the mind. To those that cunningly place them under gentle grounds and those that so innocently tread on them.

        To Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Hervey Cleckley: I can’t possibly express gratitude enough to tell you how you have re-fired a mind that sat dormant for decades: the mind sitting like an idle schoolboy impatiently waiting for the right teacher to make things matter. To make sense ito a mind that dwelled on chaos and confusion and not knowing why.


      For possibly the first time in my life, approaching age 50, I feel I have actually done something that mattered in broad scope.

      For this: I bow and curtsy to you, the people of the Earth.

      Mark William Darus: June 3 and 4 of this 2012.