Thursday, May 31, 2012

Global Mental Health: You are not alone on this EARTH.

   Inspired by both Facebook chats and emails from others.

I offer a point of assistance in locating help for things troubling both mind and spirit.

I say again: I am NOT a trained professional in the world of psychology.

I will be glad to give locations that may help you, friends or family members in need of help in the depths of the mind. If asked questions of a personal, private note, I will respect you anonymity and either email you or call you at your request if given a number to reach you. I will get a headset, thus making internet conversations more affordable. I will post this announcement when it occurs. That day will occur soon. It is so cumbersome to type when talking is much more effective. More human, hearing inflections of voice and sensing, perceiving things that can only occur during human personal connections.

For example: Help in the UK

For China:

For Canada:


If you can’t find help, I humbly will give it my best shot to assist you no matter what part of our ever shrinking planet you live in. In time, I may attempt a suicide hotline, but that is sometime off in the future.

I will NEVER ask for a donation or credit card number. I will never ask for anything of a financial nature.

What I will ask you for is honesty when you email/speak to me. I ask you to expect rough questions that will aid you down your road.

Note This: I am blunt and to a huge, distasteful point. I can be looked at as cold, insensitive and uncaring. Through those gifts I can be objective in your situation.

Please keep this in mind: I will NEVER post anything in my blog that you do not wish to be posted. I will not use aliases in reference to your concerns whatsoever to further this blog in any way, shape or form.

If you hadn’t read the posts in the beginning:

I am not a trained mental health professional.

I am not a trained counselor.

I am not a doctor.

What I am is someone who does things others neither will not try nor attempt to assist with without money.

I do not believe my Higher Power gave me the tools to help for personal gain. I look at my brain/mind and thought processes as a gift from above.

To help others regardless of disagreements of beliefs, race or genders. To do things we can for others in the plain truth to help.

I am one that believes in doing no harm, either physically or mentally to anyone seeking help.


I will be honest and blunt.

Mark William Darus.