Saturday, March 3, 2012



Let's begin this with a few definitions, shall we.


[pred-uh-ter, -tawr] Show IPA
Zoology . any organism that exists by preying upon other organisms.
a predatory person.


[prey] Show IPA
an animal hunted or seized for food, especially by a carnivorous animal.
a person or thing that is the victim of an enemy, a swindler, a disease, etc.; gull.
the action or habit of preying: a beast of prey.
Archaic . booty or plunder.
verb (used without object)
to seize and devour prey, as an animal does (usually followed by on or upon ): Foxes prey on rabbits.
to make raids or attacks for booty or plunder: The Vikings preyed on coastal settlements.
to exert a harmful or destructive influence: His worries preyed upon his mind.
to victimize another or others (usually followed by on or upon ): loan sharks that prey upon the poor.

Let's go into the world of the nonviolent Psychopaths that walk this world amongst you. Some of these declarations might surprise you as most peoples views on Psychos too often spin into the realm of the sensational, mass murderers, serial killers and their like. Hitler, Jim Jones and the soon to be church as Westboro Baptist Church descends on Chardon Ohio
   Personally, these bastards take Psychopathy as an almost communal event calling out for witch hunts and the mass slayings of those that oppose them. In the name of GOD? Go ahead and laugh, Christ knows, I did.  I Personally, I hope my god is not the same as theirs. If it were so, I'd gladly go the hell. I can say this easily,  as i have no feeling, Period. Sorry, but the Chardon slayings made me feel nothing and the Amish slayings in a school that killed 5 Amish kids )below like age 10) made me little less than outrage. I may feel nothing, but this does not mean i do not know the difference between right and wrong. At some point, descending into Psychopathy becomes a choice in the nonviolent Psychopath. We killed our emotional make-up, we did this by choice, to never feel hurt again, or to simply wish to be comfortably numb without booze or pills. Psychopaths are made, and not created by some genetic imbalance like other psychological disorders occur due  to first tri-mester problems, genetics or an abuse on the mothers part from heroin, crack or other drugs. Keep this in mind: Both the nonviolent and extravagant Psychopaths have one thing in common. They both will use you, take you into a world you think is magical/whimsical in the process. They will steal your energy, perhaps your very life, and you will smile all the way til the end. Your end.
    Take Hitler into consideration. He wasn't even German, Yet he used the German people to rise to power. He had thugs he met in prison, got them behind him (his power to manipulate and bend others of lesser mindset) made his ferocity more prevalent. Through sheer audacity and muscle, he rose to power, and what did he do the thank those that helped him reach the Chancellorship? He killed them mercilessly. (or, in the words of David Bowie: owwww WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM...) I do  take some humor in the decline of the Nazi's. As Hitler started killing off his higher ups due to treason or other imagined slights, they plotted to kill him. Even Field Marschell Erwin Rommel tried, amongst others, to have him wasted. Either bad planning, poor quality TNT, or simply Gods will with a sense of humor, failed. And those responsible split the scene like cockroaches on a white tiled floor when the lights come on.
    And he was surrounded by those that were both nuts and had mates that were the same,  His final followers were both sadistic and mass killers. Sure, most of them had a cop-out, that anyone with a militaristic view would say as: We just followed Orders, sir! Sure, we can think of an auto worker in parma that tried this and failed countless decades, but hey! We got the scientists that built the V-1's and V-2's that rained mass destruction on England. We gave them jobs, (when I say 'we', i mean the American People at that time) cuddled them and gave them plush far beyond what they knew with the Reich, Not to mention this: it was a far cry than what the Russians would have given them.

What's my point thus far? We embrace Psychopaths as a people as they benefit us as a people or a nation. C'mon, you mean to tell me if you make a bomb or a missile to kill thousands, you're not a psychopath? Did you not coldly calculate the trajectories, payloads, probable kill-count? Okay, we should applaud some that reach some level of mass killings as it benefits us as a people.Right?

Now, onto something decidedly differant. I am known  for switching gears in mid-progress...
   Psychopaths are said to go after their prey with a predatory zeal. They control, feed upon, use another through a series of manipulations and tactics to attain whatever their goal is. They do this without feeling or emotion, They will use every trick in their arsenal and use them on whomever can aid them in achieving it. They will then cast off their prey when they've finished eating, (using them), much the same as one may flush a spent piece of toilet paper down the john. Take no prisoners, the weak shall perish, eat or be eaten, or as a Big Dog t-shirt once read: Lead, follow, or just get out of my way, they feel nothing toward their victim as they feel them almost a species beneath them. No guilt, remorse
    I can only ask this question: What makes them any different than a man that goes after woman, ego a'blazing, for the sole purpose of using them for sex or the Corporate flunky, climbing  to the top of the company food-chain? Both use very similar tactics to reach their goals, The corp exec, often to be found saying: "I did whatever I had to do the reach the top!" They do this without emotion, coldly calculating their moves and placing all pieces on a chessboard that their opponent has no chance of winning after careful examination of reading their victims weaknesses and exploiting them to their fullest advantage.
  This a Journey into the realm of the nonviolent Psychopath. They utterly trash lives in the wake of their wanten acceleration. Be it for sex, money, control or some form of large scale recognition, they will use anyone, in any number of ways, and sadly, make the used feel like they helped them and that someday the debt will be repaid in kind. With a Psychopath, their is no such thing as debt.
   Later, we will go into the makings of a Psychopath. Let me say this. Why do I always capitalize the word/title Psychopath? Well, they make up over 4% of our population which puts them a higher number than some smaller Tribes that still inhabit our planet. Based on that simple thought, it only seems fair to do so.
     In some cases, the nonviolent Psychopath almost deserve the respect of those beneath them. With little doubt, it was this cold-heated, self-righteous attitude that built the United States into  being a Super Power in less than a 175 years of its  existence. The early Captains of Industry had the kind of take-no-prisoners attitude to merely make themselves richer, using, manipulating all those under them and making the used feel good about being used. How? Before Unions graced our lands, people slaved 80 hours week for next to no money without health insurance and they did this because "the Big Boss' might give them a turkey for Thanksgiving or say a kind word or two or a pat on the back for all the good they did, (giving the dog a bone.)

Let us begin,
-Mark William Darus