Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chptr 1 Child Psychopaths.

Chapter 1: Child Psychopaths. What makes one child commit suicide versus one commit homicide?

This goes back to an area in the world of Psychology that has neither proof nor absolutes. These professionals would try to corner any of those areas with their aspects into pigeon holed groups, (subdivisions), that would profoundly state their point as “near-fact’, or better yet, give you formulas and numbers that only the most devote could possibly understand. Kind of makes you think: “if we can’t baffle them with brilliance, let’s baffle them with bullshit”.

I can only give you this, with no facts, no profound conclusions, nothing of any proof one way or another except this: I do NOT base my findings on any study, examination, except those thoughts from those people that have told me life-stories and experiences over their lives. Frankly, I think most in the Psychological community have diluted themselves into ‘based on’ thoughts that they have forgotten the base premise of Psychology. A single persons theory without background, yet a willingness to prove said theory, and have it placed into a book about a human condition they have observed.

I can only say this: These things written are my thoughts and observations based on both my and others life-works. There  are NO

FACTs  in anything I write. This IS Psychology, (a study of the human mind/animal mind) and for that, fact is merely on whichever side of the fence you choose to saddle.


In the words of the Ramones: Hey, Ho, let’s go!

The Psychological world seems totally at opposite camps whether Psychopathic behavior in children is either genetic or something that is learned over time. They argue and state factors supporting their views, giving countless variables for each situation, going backwards to observations that were never proven, or better yet, remotely of a nature to explain why one child kills themselves versus one that, for very similar reasons, chooses to kill the kids of the school to get even and balance their mental books.

Keep this in mind: these same camps at some point love the works of Freud and other decades hate him. When dealing with the mind and thought processes the best we can hope for is mediocrity in the noblest sense of the word. There are NO constants. One plus one does NOT equal two, and to those on the fringes, not every day is a new beginning.

Let’s stroll into the depths that so many children think developing. Granted, some have been beaten and abused by either the parents, the ’sneaky uncle/aunt/, bullies, or just some fate of circumstance by a loved one dying young, or a case of childhood ups and downs that they no longer wish “to feel’. Some, mostly that of female children, felt slighted by peers by being overweight, less athletic, or just homely. Both male and female have one sense: abandonment from either their peers, parents or their world in general as THEY see it.

How we, as rational thinking adults, see their world and the opportunities it brings means nothing to them. At their ages, they cannot see the world as we see it, and this is where counseling and Psychotherapeutic community need to remember life before they got so learned and highly educated. \


Child Psychopaths are, in my opinion, not genetic in nature. They learned at some point to kill emotions either by the pain of being abused, or just a way to cope from negativity when expressing their emotions to either counselors or parents, which the power giving those in their lives, gave their feelings the blanket response that what they feel is wrong and not appropriate. Basically, a, ‘sorry, but you shouldn’t feel that way….” To that child, they do not care why they shouldn’t feel that way, or why it is inappropriate, or why it is self destructive, they simply wish to be heard and to have their feelings addressed. So often this fails at some juncture, that they either kill or waste themselves.

Why would a child kill themselves when there is so much help out there? They do this because that ‘help’ fails to reach at the childs base-core, failing to discover this childs heart-of-hearts in the childs language to pull them out of a doves screaming Earthward dive, which to the child, means everything. Either to themselves or bring harm to others.

Either kill oneself to end this pain, or kill many to be heard. At that point, what makes the difference appears to be upbringing and educational awareness. Those children with the ups/downs fall back unto either being either nonviolent Psychopaths with upbringing and some sum of understanding, though feeling nothing or those that which chuck all feeling from being repeatedly abused, chuck all and wish for death fulfillment by killing others to feel at ease, “you all hurt me, so I am going explode on all of you for minimizing me.” Suicide vs. homicide being based on some base awareness in that child to either Implode or Explode. Implode being the total act of self-absorption (suicide) or that of explosion, (killing others) screaming one final attempt to be heard, giving them a life of imprisonment, or like Columbine, a wasting of themselves before being caught, to still be heard as a mere afterthought.

These acts of homicidal mania get so well spent on speculation based on media exposure to rock and roll, Goth music or the fact that the last song found on an 8-track, cassette or CD in the childs room being Lynyrd Skynrds Freebird. “they must’ve listened to “that song” til it drove them nuts,” is a good spin. This takes away any missed responsibility that both the parent and the school had for missing the ‘something’ that made this child do the things they did. Gives them some ‘comfort’ point to fallback on. Makes sense though as most wish to cover their ass in the face of things they had overlooked and simply blown off, to look good and loving parents in the face of mass media over a horribly tragic event. God forbade them say the truth, that they missed something and human-esque fucked up.

School systems get so blamed for events of the homicidal child. Sorry, I cannot blame them as their coffers shrink with the piss poor economics structure which is based more on an athlete that only gets paid 10 million and not 15 million or he’ll bolt to some other team. (OH MY FUCKING GOD, HE MIGHT TAKE HIS FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL AND GO HOME LIKE SOME BABY!!!!)

Maybe we, as a society have become so cold, money-based, so self centered we have forgotten our children in this process and outsource responsibilities for our children ( and the children of our society for those who pay taxes yet have no children) that we have forgotten a simple fact. These children are our future either through voting, taking technology over their parents health versus the “NEW-UPCOMING Ipod 17 dot O! “ What have we, versus the media taught children? Sorry, but most of us make less than the ‘baller’ we praise through professional sports, yet cry out in mass forms about an outrage over some managerial decision to go for a 5 million dollar player over a 10 million dollar player. And the average daycare worker makes minimum wage and they care for our children so we can work. Yes, we of the enlightened United States have it so correctly, fuck the minimum wage earner, but cry out over the overpaid sports nut whom only looks out after themselves for playing a game?

Think about the things I have said tonight, I hope they pissed you off enough to rethink some priorities in your life as they relate to matters of what our children see and the importance we place on what we display as important. Most tell out children through our actions: 15 million is better than 10 million, as the child thinks, “ I don’t make anything, so I must be less-than-zero.”