Monday, July 20, 2015

Drops in the Ocean....Sandra Bland. I know what I heard of you.

                                                                        Drops in the Ocean....
                                                                      Inspirational Avenues

                      The Physical Leader of, (the failing Nation of the United States of America, going through slow death-throws much like that of Rome when it fell centuries ago),   my country tosses a contract with Iran to stop them from going Nuclear. Wowie!!! How awesome is that? Stock potential markets spiked, massive investment prospecting to be gained in Iran. Yeah, Buddy! Jump aboard the Lust Boat and get you portfolios ready!!!!

                       And look at us, those in the USA, mending fences with Cuba. Their tourist trade has climbed some 15% in the last 4 months.  Granted, I thought my countries wish to Kill-the-Beard most archaic and asinine.

                Part of the agreement with Iran says we, WE (USA tax dollars at work, yours and mine) will teach them how to defend against others....

                Hmmmm, didn't we say we would do the same for the  Ukraine?  Soon after Olympics ended, did not Russia go after the Ukrianes borders? And what did we do? Sanctions prompting their head of Space Station relations to suggest that the USA build a huge trampoline to reach the international space station instead of hitching a ride with their crew.

                Wow, really? I guess the stock/greed factor in my country isn't as great in the Ukraine as it is in Iran.

                  TELL ME HOW THIS DOES NOT SUCK!

               I get it, really I do.

               It's all good as long as our Iphones work.

               A woman drives half way across the country for a job interview to which she is hired and given a start date at Her alma moter . She later gets pulled over and is arrested. She is, according to released documents, released the same day and found dead, hanging by slendor neck in a Texas jail cell.
               Her family and friends say she would not commit suicide.

               I know if were given a job in my hearts desire I would so break the law, get arrested and thus OFF myself immediately after being released. And better yet, off myself in the very same cell I was released from. Yeah, I can so see this.

              Can't  you?
              Screw That Noise!

             I hate to say there is vile and sick work in our OH-SO comfortable UNITED STATES of Amerika.

             Wow,  really, hold her, Sandra Blands death, horrifically untimely by my thoughts given me in you arms of positive thought and prayers.

              Well, I can so say this with you all: When I got hired after a 4 months lack of employment I knew I WANTED TO GET PULLED OVER AND GET 'SUICIDED' !!!!

             There is a filthy Hatred that fills our Earth.

             I pray for Sandra Bland and her friends and family.

              My thoughts:


             I sincerely believe my United States of America is poised on the brink of revolution on so many fronts we now have about 18 republican candidates to hold in sway as they Mesmerize us with spells, glances and rhetoric. Yeah, brothers and sisters: Drink their Koolaide, damn your childrens futures for further education and damn them for their next twenty years with House Note on a place they will never own.

                  Take Sandra Bland into your heart, Jesus.
                   Hold her family and friends close as they dive for explanations,

                  Texas is a proud state....

                    Sandra did not End Her Life in my opinion.

                   Sandra was a victim of racism.

                  She was killed by fools.

                  Mark William Darus.