Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lonely Embrace of Creation.

                                                             The lonely embrace of creation.
                                                               by Mark William Darus

                        I've always found the ability to create a lonely affair when it comes to art in its many forms.

                        Having gone back into the world of writing just over two years ago, it leading me to my love of photography, photography taking me to my love of music, it seems I never stop learning things.

                        What a lovely thing is that? Such a gift to be given.

                         Well, you've seen many of my photographs...

                         Here's the songs and videos I've made recently.

                         I hope you enjoy them.

                         All songs created on Magix Music Maker software by me.

                         my first with this:
                                 Spring Dance
                            next came:
                                   Rachel's Song

                              leading to:

                                 Bex Song.
                                 This tribute: To Steely Dan. music only.
                                 Tribute to Steely Dan.

                                 Lastly this one. My music with my photography/footage.
                                    Winter Song

                                 Authors note: Never stop learning. Live each day as it could be your last. Attempt to make a difference in anothers day.

                                    Find happiness in the simplest of forms and take it inside you...

                                    Mark William Darus 03112014