Friday, May 17, 2013

Three Missing Girls in Ohio, by Sonia J.

                                  Three Missing Girls in Ohio
                                             by Sonia J.

Dedicated to missing 3 girls in Ohio 


 What did you miss.
I know you don’t know me …but I know you so dear, your pictures your faces where so close and near, as we searched for you everywhere that we went...That was all that you see the faith that was there was based only on love, your mother and father did not give up hope, they triumph and fought to have you so close in e...very ones heart... That was all that you missed... we thank you my darling for being so strong during times when we weren’t and didn’t believe, You never lost sight that one day you would leave…although we were crying… That was all that you missed…. tied up to a chain and stripped from your soul you conquered with wisdom to merely survive, Not able to scream, We shouted for you every year you were gone… That was all that you missed…. Enduring the pain the abuse and the strain is something that no one should ever have gained we cried with despair not knowing the truth of what could have happened my baby to you… That was all that you missed. We’re sorry my precious we’re sorry indeed, we failed as a group is all we believe. We’re trying with parties and laughter and cheers to show that we will always be near, while that is something you have to allow…the time that you need we’ll always respect, although please forgive us for smothering you so, for with just your picture you came with us home. The joy to have found you have left us unspoken, the thought of not seeing you has left us unbroken, the need to be close is only so natural, to shelter and hold you is what we will do to keep you so safe and secure away from harm’s way…you asked what you’ve missed? … It’s the love of your family and even the world that have followed in searching in bringing you home…what did you miss? Nothing! nothing but pain from missing you so, but now there’s a vision from prayers to our God to guide you through life after all this ordeal…to show you with strength, that life will go on as you will fill in the empty spaces that was desperately missed and teach us through courage and faith that you have,.. my precious child I mean young lady you fought to the end enduring abuse you knew you must fight just to survive and God gave you vision to see your light…your life is now embedded in us… your hearts and new memories will be viewed through us for we cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh because you are amazing to endure through all this… what did you miss.. Barely anything at all for there was no life when you were gone.

 Written by: Sonia J. 05/2013
I would like to thank Sonia J.  for her permission to post this here. When I read it, I thought it considerable to say the least, so I asked her if I could.